Here at Daily Zen, we are always on the lookout for talented writers that have a strong interest in meditation, Buddhism, yoga, spirituality, anxiety, depression, mental health issues and general wellbeing. We read all submissions and will post your article if it is up to our “Submission Requirements” standards. Your article must represent a positive outcome as we promote happiness and well being here at daily zen.

If you would like to get involved and write for Daily Zen, simply go over our submission requirements below and send us an email –

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Submission Requirements

  • Topics – Your post MUST relate to one of the following topics; Anxiety, depression, mental health issues, well-being, stress, Buddhism, yoga, meditation, and spirituality.


  • Exclusive Content Only – This is the most important aspect of your submission to us. The content you provide will be used exclusively on our website The content can’t be published anywhere else online. This is imperative to the health and stability of our site in relation to SEO. If we find the content elsewhere it will not be used. If content is already published on our site when we discover this, said post will be removed and we will not take submissions from the website in question in the future. 


  • Word Count – All posts must be between 500-1000 words. We will NOT upload anything with less than 500 words. Please do not send an article in with less than 500 words in hope that we will upload it anyway. It will waste your time and ours because it will not be uploaded. Thanks for understanding 🙂


  • Author Bio – All submissions must come with an Author Bio. This will be no longer than 65 words and give us a little bit of information about the writer and/or their website. We allow you to have links to websites and/or posts.


  • Content – The content must be your original work, anything else is simply unacceptable. If you do choose to quote someone in your post, be sure to link and give credit to them. We will be picking a picture to go alongside your post and don’t accept photographs in posts.


  • In Post Marketing – We understand that you may be selling something, or promoting your website and this is the reasoning you would like to post with us. This is not a problem so long as it is relevant and isn’t the main point of your article. But feel free to whack your site/posts in there, maybe a few affiliate links, but I must stress on the relevance!


  • Make It Easy To Read – The content must be readable for everyone, nothing too complex. We would like for younger adults and teens to be able to read the articles. So ensure that it isn’t too complex and is something that can be read with ease.


  • Format When Sending – When sending your article please just copy and paste into the email rather than sending as a file. This way we can avoid not being able to open the file.

Cross Promotion

We have received a lot of questions in regards to Cross Promotion and how it would work with our site. Cross promotion is for other website/blog owners to collaborate with us, in terms of content; for example, we write an article for you and you write an article for us in return, which will then be published on each other’s websites/blogs. You don’t need a website/blog to write for Daily Zen, this is just for cross promotion.

We hold the right to edit your post as and when necessary. This tends to only happen in regards (but is not limited) to grammatical mistakes within an article. If any of the above submission guidelines are broken, we shall work with you to correct this and go ahead with the publishing of your article.

If accepted we will notify you via email to let you know. If your post isn’t accepted, we will be in touch to work with you to tweak it a bit to make it fit our requirements. We look forward to working with you.

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