I Walked on the Grass

Today I did nothing productive. Today, I did nothing of value to anyone. I was not helpful to anyone. I did not clean anything or fix anything or make anything. I did not go to work. I did not do anything impressive or important. I slept in far longer than I would have done on […]


Tips That Make Your Whole Life Easier

There is no quick trick to figuring out life. Even without the politics and the problems that people impose upon themselves, the world is a complicated place. It’s difficult to get your head around it and human beings don’t have all that long to figure out their place in it all. But while there is […]


3 Steps To Get Clear + Commit To Your Desire

Getting clear about what you desire is almost always one of the first steps in the creative process. Your clarity about your desire sets in motion the conscious and unconscious forces to make your dreams a reality. Clarity drives your attention, your intention, your energy and your time. When you know what you want, then […]

Swimming as Meditation

Swimming as Meditation

It’s easy to shrug off meditation as one of those things that there just isn’t time for in the hectic contemporary lifestyle. But a lot of its key effects can be generated through other activities, including a lot of hobbies that people generally do in their spare time anyway. A great example of this is […]