Social stigmas and depression

“He says he’s depressed, I think he is just lazy” – Social Stigma And Depression

  To promote your own business, site or blog on our site Click Here. “He says he’s depressed. I think he’s just lazy and making excuses.” “You just need to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and you’ll be all right.” “She’s crazy. She can’t control her own emotions.” “He doesn’t have enough willpower to […]

Malice And Neglect

Malice And Neglect

To promote your own business, site or blog on our site Click Here. People have a terrible habit of hurting each other. Of doing stupid, selfish things that make other people miserable. Of tearing apart relationships that they cherish for no apparent reason. Every time one person chooses to trust any other, they’ve giving that person […]

social media

Panoply, The Social Network That Makes You Happy

  Social media, in its so far brief lifetime, has had its share of both good and bad press. It has been treated with a certain amount of disdain and contempt by those who believe it is being treated a bad substitute for really engaging with the world. But there are also increasingly common stories […]


Letting Go Of Your Mask

  It’s a nice idea to think that we are all blessed with total autonomy, that every choice we make is completely our own. But it’s no secret that this is effectively only a pleasant fantasy, even outside of determination theories. Social pressure affects all of us on varying levels. For some people, it defines […]