Start the conversation that you need to…

There is a reason why people are comfortable talking about the weather to pretty much anyone. It’s because that conversation has no substance. You both know full well what the weather is like, you’re both there experiencing it. Discussing it isn’t going to change it, it’s not going to educate either one of you. It’s […]


The Joy of Insignificance

The sheer size of the universe is so vast that humanity has spent centuries trying to comprehend it. Our entire planet is a mere speck in the grand scheme of things. The length of time that humanity has existed is a mere blip compared to the infinite age of the universe around us. When you […]


Floating Through Life

For all of my short years in life I have been afraid. I did not know what my purpose was, so I was afraid. I did not know whether my friends liked me, so I was afraid. I did not know whether I would pass that test on Wednesday, so once again I was afraid. […]


Things You Should Never Feel Bad About

From the full force of the media to the disapproving glare of a relative with inordinate expectations, society can load pressure onto people that leaves them constantly questioning themselves. Once you let someone else’s judgement be something that shapes you, life gets a lot more difficult. The way people perceive you suddenly becomes far more […]


The Meaning of Self Respect

People are taught from the moment that they are old enough to make their own decisions that they should behave always with self-respect. But it’s rarely, if ever, explained how you go about doing that or what you need to do to implement it into your daily life. Often, we don’t think consciously about self-respect […]

Does It Matter if Humanity is Inherently Good

Does It Matter if Humanity is Inherently Good?

Sometimes, I believe that humanity is inherently good. That, ultimately, even if takes a few generations of work, as a species we’ll find a way to resolve our differences. We’ll stop killing each other and, aside from perhaps a few minor spats here and there, we’ll work together to create a better world. Some days, I […]

How To Say Sorry

How To Say Sorry

No one is in the right every single time they get into a disagreement. It would be nice to think that we don’t go barging into discussions or arguments without being prepared to accept the truth if we don’t have all the facts. But people often do. Even if they enter into a debate with […]

The Hope In Maybe

The Hope In Maybe

The most important decisions you can ever make will require you to take risks. Often, big risks. Sometimes, the kind of risks that could equally result in losing everything you have or gaining everything you dream of. Even when all you’re risking with a decision is a minor discomfort, it’s wise to weigh up the […]

Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig Review

Reasons to Stay Alive, by Matt Haig [Review]

In an age when depression and other mental health issues are finally being treated with the respect and solemnity they deserve, Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig is one of the most important books in circulation. It opens in the midst of Haig’s own depression, at a point when he can see no future, […]

Choosing The World You Live In

Choosing The World You Live In

You have a choice about how you experience the world. You have control over your perception of things as they are. You get to decide what you are exposed to and what you blind yourself to. In an age when news is broadcast through so many different media, from so many different perspectives, it is […]

How To Open Up

9 Ways To Open Up To Someone

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable around those you care about is a key part in defining the depth of your relationship with them. Being honest with them about your flaws, sharing the things that you are ashamed of, can be the gesture that seals the importance of the connection you share. For both of you. […]

Three Ways To Hang Onto Your Motivation

Three Ways To Hang Onto Your Motivation

It can be difficult enough sometimes to work up the drive to get things done. Holding onto that motivation for extended periods of time – or to generate it when you have the time but not the energy to get down to work – is another, far more elusive matter entirely. Even if you’ve been looking […]