On Choosing Your Responsibilities

On Choosing Your Responsibilities

Most of us go through life hoping that our time on this earth will leave something positive in its wake. We want people to remember us fondly, as someone who did good deeds and made people happy. Maybe we’re ambitious enough to really want to change the world. However we want to be seen, it’s […]

Four Simple Ways to Show Someone You Care

Four Simple Ways to Show Someone You Care

  To promote your own business, site or blog on our site Click Here. It is a sad fact of life that people drift apart. People move across countries and all over the world. People get time-consuming careers and hobbies. People commit themselves to responsibilities – a pet, a family, a community initiative – that […]

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“F**k that. I wan’t to be a superhuman”. – 22 David Bowie Quotes

January 10th was a sad day for many around the world, we lost a talented, beautiful and very special man. We lost David Bowie. We lost the Goblin King. We lost Ziggy Stardust. We haven’t lost the way he made us all feel though, the thousands he encouraged to be themselves, to be what we […]

Overcoming Unrequited Love and Longing

Overcoming Unrequited Love and Longing

Love isn’t a rare experience, it’s something that happens to everyone, but it profoundly changed my life and it changed me in a way I wasn’t prepared for. It transformed me greatly and when I look back, I no longer identify with my old self. I feel like my soul has been awakened with a […]

Breathe Your Way To Better Health

Breathe Your Way To Better Health

We do it on average around 25,000 times a day, yet we don’t seem to give it a second thought. That’s right, breathing is something we have been doing subconsciously since the day we were born, but what we may not realise is the impact our breathing has on our physical, mental and emotional health. […]

Social stigmas and depression

“He says he’s depressed, I think he is just lazy” – Social Stigma And Depression

  To promote your own business, site or blog on our site Click Here. “He says he’s depressed. I think he’s just lazy and making excuses.” “You just need to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and you’ll be all right.” “She’s crazy. She can’t control her own emotions.” “He doesn’t have enough willpower to […]

People worth knowing harris rosen

People Worth Knowing – Harris Rosen

To promote your business, site or blog on our site Click Here. Born in Manhattan in 1939, Harris Rosen lived the American dream the way every young US entrepreneur wants to. After earning a degree in Hotel Administration from Cornell University, he worked first as a convention salesman. He worked in various hotels, including a number […]

Malice And Neglect

Malice And Neglect

To promote your own business, site or blog on our site Click Here. People have a terrible habit of hurting each other. Of doing stupid, selfish things that make other people miserable. Of tearing apart relationships that they cherish for no apparent reason. Every time one person chooses to trust any other, they’ve giving that person […]

Far away in the same place

Far Away In The Same Place

To promote your own business, site or blog on our site Click Here. This is what life can be like when a husband and wife both suffer from mental illness. “Hi Mommy,” squeaked our youngest daughter as my wife came through the door after work. “Hi baby,” she replied, walking through the kitchen to drop […]

quitting job 1

Quitting My Job With No Plan – Part One

A few days ago, I quit my job. Not because I had a new one lined up. Not because I’d suddenly come into some money. Not because I’d won the lottery or got pregnant or whatever other reason people might leave paid employment. I left because it was an awful job. I was underpaid, not […]

i am depressed

“I Am Depressed” – Stopping Negative Thoughts

Many of us who suffer from depression get locked into patterns of negative thinking, feeling and actions that we perform almost automatically. Our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations become jumbled and we can’t decipher which is triggering our negative behaviour towards ourselves. All we might realize is that we’re locked into some sort of habit […]


Five Great Emma Watson Quotes To Make You Think

Having caught the world’s attention as the bright-eyed, bushy-haired Hermione Granger, Emma Watson has remained the darling of British celebrity since the conclusion of the Harry Potter film franchise. She has been noted for her intelligence and compassion and progressive attitude towards sensitive global issues. She has made eloquent speeches about human rights and equality […]