Staring Death in the Eyes, Mindfully

Written March 2019 If you’ve read any of my (many) articles posted to Daily Zen, you’ll know how passionate I am about living and teaching mindfulness and meditation as a foundation for our individual and collective well-being. My own journey of over ten years has taught me many principles and truths, and provided me with […]

7 Ways You Can Use Writing To Increase Your Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the art of keeping yourself in the here and now, and letting your problems go. It’s a great way to keep yourself stress-free in a world that piles more pressure on you day after day. Did you know that writing is a fantastic tool for mindfulness? Here’s 7 ways you can use it […]

Mindfulness Through Adventure

Mindfulness Through Adventure

Generally, when you think of mindfulness, you think of serenity. Of being calm and peaceful. Of sitting, silently, focusing as much as you can without straining your mind. The notion of mindfulness as a calm thing is the core of achieving a mindful state through exercises such as yoga and meditation. It works for so […]