Meditation and The Body

Meditation And The Body

While primarily a psychological exercise, meditation when practiced well and often can provide huge improvements to a person’s health as a whole. Studies have shown the way that meditation affects the brain physically and, as such, extends to benefit the whole body. Notable reductions in stress levels also help to create a healthier physical self. […]

self preservation from anxiety

Self-Preservation from Anxiety and Depression

Some days, living with anxiety and depression consumes all of our energy. To the outside world, we might appear lazy on these days. But in many cases, we’re waging a battle with ourselves to find some peace. Facing the world can be a daunting experience when we’re suffering. This story is about what one of […]

Six Great Quotes From Alan Watts

Six Great Quotes From Alan Watts

Author of Buddhist bestseller The Way of Zen, Alan Watts was a British-born philosopher and writer who hugely popularised Eastern philosophy in the west. He trained in Zen in New York and studied theology at master’s level. He bridged the divide between Eastern philosophy and western living, and his writings still heavily influence modern culture. […]

Written Meditation- Sky Meditation

Written Meditation: Sky Meditation

A teacher of mine gave me the basis for this meditation. I’ve used it many times when I’ve felt overwhelmed or anxious. It’s good for times when you feel like a problem is too big for you or when something that’s bothering you is larger than life. I prefer to use it as a walking […]


How To Find Humanity

People are petty and childish and immature. No matter how grown-up and sophisticated and intelligent and important a person might be, they always have their days when they act like idiots. They are rash and illogical. They base opinions on the briefest of first impressions. They equate others with their reputation, or their friends, or […]

Life With Depression, An Open Letter to My Pillow, Blanket and Couch

Life With Depression, An Open Letter to My Pillow, Blanket and Couch

We’ve been together for a long time now and I just wanted to say aloud the things I’ve held in my heart about you. Pillow, you comfort me when nothing else will bring me relaxation. Cradling my restless head, you bring me the escape of sleep. You silence the cacophony of the outside world when I […]

Thich Nhat Hanh

12 Thich Nhat Hanh Quotes that Will Bring You Inner Peace

Thich Nhat Hanh, a writer, monk, spiritual leader that’s known as the ‘The Father of Mindfulness” has influenced countless of people around the world sharing the teachings of Buddhism. He continues to enlighten us with his wisdom on peace and mindfulness. When I am having a rough day and feeling agitated, and restless, I often […]


Running As Meditation

For those of us in recovery, self-care takes a place of critical importance. I’ve begun to use running as a way to try to improve several portions of my life – weight management, healthy eating, regular sleep. Most of the time when I run, I’m worried about how fast I’m going, how I’m breathing, or […]

piggy bank

The Goodness In Money

In the modern west, money is at the centre of almost all things. It provides security and power. It allows you to further education. Without it, it can get painfully difficult to get food, water, shelter, the things that are generally considered basic human rights. People are often judged by the amount of money they […]

simple meditation

The Simplicity Of Meditation

Since meditation has become popular in the west, there has been an explosion of meditation equipment and guides in the mainstream market. Whether they’re trying to flog you a cushion to sit on or a series of books detailing exactly how you’re supposed to breathe or specifically composed CDs designed to calm your inner being, […]

to do list

How To Say No

It is admirable to be the kind of person who makes time for others. There are far too many people who are unwilling to give up their time and effort – perhaps even money or other physical assets – to help others. Being the kind of person who answers Yes when someone in need calls […]


Making Your Hobby Meditative

In the peaceful existence of a monk, far away from the hectic pace of the city, meditation is an exercise that allows philosophy to flourish. It trains the mind and hones the intellectual skill of those seeking to answer the universe’s mysteries. For the modern working westerner, it’s very different. It still trains the mind […]