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A Path for Peace

Meditation, Spirit February 24, 2017 No Comments

A Path for Peace “We will never have peace in the world until we have peace in ourselves, in our families and in our communities.” ~Dalai Lama If you are connected through any online social media networks, you may notice that there is an increasingly vocal focus on the need for world peace. There is a steady call for local,…


The Structure of Mind and Meditation

Life November 12, 2016 No Comments

Like a blackboard covered with writing, formulae and sketches, the mind can’t easily begin new projects if there is a confusing jumble of stuff there. The mind is the recipient of a vast collection of information, flooding in constantly through our senses; sometimes useful but most often just clutter. It is also operating on two, perhaps even three different levels;…


The Meaning of Self Respect

Mind, Well Being September 17, 2016 No Comments

People are taught from the moment that they are old enough to make their own decisions that they should behave always with self-respect. But it’s rarely, if ever, explained how you go about doing that or what you need to do to implement it into your daily life. Often, we don’t think consciously about self-respect until someone tells us we’re…

Simple Tips To Stay Present

Simple Tips To Stay Present

Meditation, Mind, Spirit August 27, 2016 No Comments

Over the course of seven years, I went on a retreat three times a year. Two of the retreats were for four days and one was for 10 days every June. Even though before every retreat I was always nervous and resistant, I knew that I would benefit from it. It was on the retreats where I got clarity about…