Depressed woman in front of a bench

28 Tips For Overcoming Depression

I understand the slog. I know the shift back out of depression into greatness can seem tough. Remember it will all be worth it in the end. Know that when you feel like just thinking is hard work, I understand. And that when someone asks you a question and a one word answer is a […]

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Live Free….Surrender!

A morning of Waking up just seconds before my alarm , getting the kids ready for school, serving them breakfast and then walking them to school. An afternoon of well accomplished household chores, a workout in the gym , preparing lunch. An evening consisting of extra curricular activities for the children, sitting with them for […]

Three Children Playing In Woods Together

My Own 2 Feet – Everyone Fails

I wrote this a couple of years ago, but I think it serves as a good reminder of what we can learn and do when we try to do something for ourselves. I learned some valuable lessons about myself while I was training to run a 5K race with my daughters. I wasn’t at the […]

Breathe Your Way To Better Health

Breathe Your Way To Better Health

We do it on average around 25,000 times a day, yet we don’t seem to give it a second thought. That’s right, breathing is something we have been doing subconsciously since the day we were born, but what we may not realise is the impact our breathing has on our physical, mental and emotional health. […]

Joanna Lumley

Six Celebrities On Their Buddhism

Ancient in the east and flourishing in the west, Buddhism is an increasingly popular philosophical outlook. Without defining too closely a doctrine that doesn’t keep up with science or social progress, it allows people access to spirituality on a less constricting level than many leading religions. LGBT and nerd icon George Takei was born into […]

how to embrace conflict

How To Embrace Conflict

On every level of the scale, conflict divides mankind. When handled improperly – childish or maliciously – it can destroy even the sturdiest of connections. It can tear apart relationships between friends, families and even countries. It seems ridiculous to think of it as the kind of thing anyone would want to embrace. And, yes, […]

to do list

How To Say No

It is admirable to be the kind of person who makes time for others. There are far too many people who are unwilling to give up their time and effort – perhaps even money or other physical assets – to help others. Being the kind of person who answers Yes when someone in need calls […]


Know Your Strength, Know Yourself

You are a wonderful person. But you don’t need me to tell you that. You don’t need anyone to tell you that. You already know it. Or, at least, you should. Think about it. You spend hours and hours of time with your family, your friends, you colleagues. Think of the number of hours, days, years […]

woman stardust

Five Reasons You Are Special

Hey, you. Stranger, reading this. I don’t know who you are, but you’re a special snowflake. You’re a snowflake that, from even a very short distance, looks like every other snowflake. But that doesn’t mean you’re not pretty. In the same way that all other snowflakes are. I like the way you sparkle. No, really. […]

Martial art picture

Seven Therapeutic Benefits Of Martial Arts

If you’ve never attempted any kind of martial art, it might seem strange to think that of it as being as more beneficial than any other kind of regular exercise. Some might even go so far as to discourage it for promoting violence. But from within, it’s actually very different from what you might imagine. It […]