5 Ways to Have a More Body-Positive Dating Life

Dating is a complicated process for all of us looking for love, and it can become even more difficult if you don’t conform to society’s standards of beauty. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly avoid dating if you want to find the one. What you can do, though, is introduce more body positivity into your dating life, […]

Dispelling the Myths: Ending Relationships With Honesty

It’s difficult to end relationships. It means hurting someone’s feelings and, worse than that, someone you cared about once, even if you don’t so much any more. It means having to be honest with someone about their flaws – which, let’s face it, people aren’t very good at these days. We’re too used to offering […]

Dispelling the Myths: Your Commitment, Your Choice

There’s no point entering into a relationship unless you’re prepared to treat it as a real commitment. Otherwise, you may as well not bother making the effort to distinguish it from any other connection you have with friends and acquaintances. The whole point in choosing a relationship to be more special to you than others […]


Dear You

I don’t know if you’ll take any of what I have to say into account, but I suppose that’s why I need to say it. I’ve seen you struggle with so many thing and I’ve tried to let you know I’m standing by your side through the lot of it. I know how difficult things […]

Dispelling the Myths Relationships That Change You

Dispelling the Myths: Relationships That Change You

Almost every interaction you’ll ever have with another human being will change you, even if you don’t really notice it. Exposure to other people, no matter how brief, expands your world view. So when you choose to spend more time with someone – whether that’s a one of round of drinks or a casual friendship […]

Dispelling the Myths Longevity in Relationships

Dispelling the Myths: Longevity in Relationships

There is something about a couple that has been together for seemingly forever that makes it seem like they were meant to be. It makes you start to believe in destiny. The way they act around each other, the way their lives intertwine so – apparently – seamlessly. Some couples can make relationships that last […]

Children’s Books You Should Definitely Read As An Adult

Children’s Books You Should Definitely Read As An Adult

You never really grow out of stories. Just because someone doesn’t read us to sleep every night once we hit a certain age doesn’t stop that being true. Books are written for all ages. People who don’t have time to commit to reading lots of novels, still had comics and short stories and movies and […]

Things to Consider Before Committing to a Person

Things to Consider Before Committing to a Person

Things to Consider Before Committing to a Person Most of the time, when people make big and potentially life altering decisions, they take a while to contemplate the impact it will have on their future. They think about the changes it will cause, the sacrifices it will require them to make. People wait for a […]

4 Reasons I’m not Looking for Love

4 Reasons I’m not Looking for Love

  I’m fresh into my 30’s, fresh out of a relationship and feel the noose of societal expectation tightening. Is this the time I should be looking for a husband type? Stop dating the type of men everyone in my family considers a phase? My older friends are finding any moment to sneak in, “yeah, […]

Young couple arguing

‘If You Can’t Handle Me At My Worst’ – The Truth Behind it.

If You Can’t Handle Me At My Worst… …then you don’t deserve me at my best. It’s one of those quotations that does the rounds on social media every so often. It’s usually shared by people with bad attitudes, to justify treating the people around them like dirt. It’s thrown at people who are genuinely […]

Valentines day with wooden block calendar

After 5 Years of Marriage I’m Choosing to Be My Own Valentine

I have always loved Valentine’s Day. I love to love and have felt this way for as long as I can remember. I still remember celebrating big in grade three, purchasing a giant tootsie roll and full sized card to express my deep profound love for my crush. The card had two socks on them, […]

Feet in wool socks near fireplace in winter time

Comfort and Joy

“When we let go of all expectations, there is peace.” Kim Eng So much of our pre-holiday season stress comes from trying to manage expectations! And much of our holiday let-down comes from unfilled expectations. We put ourselves through so much anxiety, so much pressure – it’s no wonder the holidays are becoming the most […]