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Tackling Anxiety and Depression When I Don’t Trust Myself

I’m an open, oozing, sticky wound. I feel as though all of my thoughts and feelings, my doubts and insecurities are laid out bare for the world to see. I’m struggling with anxiety and depression and my life has been turned upside down. I feel vulnerable and I don’t know what to do with it. […]

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Live Free….Surrender!

A morning of Waking up just seconds before my alarm , getting the kids ready for school, serving them breakfast and then walking them to school. An afternoon of well accomplished household chores, a workout in the gym , preparing lunch. An evening consisting of extra curricular activities for the children, sitting with them for […]

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My Own 2 Feet – Everyone Fails

I wrote this a couple of years ago, but I think it serves as a good reminder of what we can learn and do when we try to do something for ourselves. I learned some valuable lessons about myself while I was training to run a 5K race with my daughters. I wasn’t at the […]

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The Zen of the Effort – Embrace the Effort

Undoubtedly my favourite place to train is a small-secluded hillside not more than 3 miles from my house. It is a hidden dead end road servicing small estates in a rural suburban town next to mine. Not more than a ½ mile in length this short climb with portions approaching 7%. It is popular with […]

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How the Gym Helped Me Deal with Depression

Exercise as a means of combating depression is common medical advice. There are numerous studies that confirm that regular exercise can help improve mild to moderate depression. Exercise alone won’t make depression go away, but it can play a significant role in your treatment. I experienced depression 8 years ago. As part of my treatment […]

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In the Absence of Anxiety

My life recently has been pretty black and white. Either I’ve been living with intense anxiety or living in the absence of it. In the absence of anxiety lies a space in which life can go on. I’ve been living in this space for several days now, and I’m beginning to grow in confidence that […]

When Action isn’t…An In-Depth Look into Thought and Action

As with all important subjects there are two realms in which we operate. The spiritual or psychological and the physical or material. Action is most typically a result of thought which is material… The result of stimulus combined with past programming that leads to outcome-based action. There is, however, another action which lies outside of […]

Anxiety – A Setback and a Comeback

Anxiety – A Setback and a Comeback  

Some days, you just have to accept that your disease is getting the better of you. You can work, you can fight, but it’s really just worse than you want it to be. At some point, the best thing to do is stop and accept what is happening to you. That might mean that you […]

Hurry Up and Wait. Making Time to Meditate

Hurry Up and Wait. Making Time to Meditate.

In a world that pushes us to go and go and go, demands on our time are becoming greater. We’ve got to hurry up and get out the door to work only to sit and wait in traffic. We’ve got to rush through dinner to get the kids to soccer practice, where we have to […]

Planetary Retrogrades? Learn how to survive them!

Planetary Retrogrades? Learn how to survive them!

A “Retrograde” is when a planet appears to be moving backwards, for people living on Earth. When particular planets are in retrograde many believe this can influence how we feel because of their qualities. Understanding each Retrograde means you know what to avoid during that time. Below we explain what you can learn during a […]

Why Do I Keep Allowing the Wrong People into My Life?

Why Do I Keep Allowing the Wrong People into My Life?

Have you ever asked yourself why you “keep attracting the wrong people into your life”? Or why you do not attract the right people? Or why you are not attracting anyone at all? Or why you keep attracting wrong circumstances?… I have. Last time I received an indecent proposal, I was dumbstruck: “Why on earth […]

Creating Harmony Within; Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit JAY PEGS

Creating Harmony Within: Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit

Creating Harmony Within: Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit “The greatest masters are not necessarily the ones who detach from the world and their bodies, but instead are those who manifest their spirituality into their bodies.” – Michael Mirdad Have you ever felt, what seemed like, a conflict between your spiritual nature and your human nature?  […]