How to Read Self-Help Books

Books that focus on self-help and personal development can offer a really interesting view into the way other people both see and treat the world. It can provide you with a new understanding of problem solving that you might not have considered before. Sometimes, just flicking through them is enough. Experiencing a new perspective might […]

Our Defective Response To Stress And Anxiety

Seeing my mom slowly weaken and die in front of my eyes left a deep and lasting hole in my heart. The doctors couldn’t believe someone so young fell ill to a disease that mostly strikes the elderly. It just didn’t make sense to them. My mom and I were very close. We both knew […]


The Joy of Insignificance

The sheer size of the universe is so vast that humanity has spent centuries trying to comprehend it. Our entire planet is a mere speck in the grand scheme of things. The length of time that humanity has existed is a mere blip compared to the infinite age of the universe around us. When you […]


Dear You

I don’t know if you’ll take any of what I have to say into account, but I suppose that’s why I need to say it. I’ve seen you struggle with so many thing and I’ve tried to let you know I’m standing by your side through the lot of it. I know how difficult things […]


3 Steps To Get Clear + Commit To Your Desire

Getting clear about what you desire is almost always one of the first steps in the creative process. Your clarity about your desire sets in motion the conscious and unconscious forces to make your dreams a reality. Clarity drives your attention, your intention, your energy and your time. When you know what you want, then […]

Why Are You So Angry

Why Are You So Angry?

What happened to you to make you want to hurt people like that? How have reached a stage of life where you feel comfortable discussing the deepest subjects known to humanity – politics, religion, philosophy – but cannot do so without insulting the other people involved? Of course, it’s easy to vent your anger on […]

On Choosing Your Responsibilities

On Choosing Your Responsibilities

Most of us go through life hoping that our time on this earth will leave something positive in its wake. We want people to remember us fondly, as someone who did good deeds and made people happy. Maybe we’re ambitious enough to really want to change the world. However we want to be seen, it’s […]

Martial Arts For Mental Health

Martial Arts For Mental Health

When I started training in martial arts nearly 20 years ago I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be running a club where I would use Karate as a form of therapy. At the moment I am using Karate to help in two distinct ways; I run free Karate classes for people […]

Do Self-Help Books Really Work

Do Self-Help Books Really Work?

Some people consider holy texts to be the first self-help books. There are some historians who even attribute it to specific ancient Egyptian codes of conduct. While Samuel Smiles’s Self-Help published in 1859 gives the genre its name, self-help books as they are known today exploded only in the past sixty or so years. Books that […]

The Wisdom of OWLS Finding Liberation From Conflict And Suffering

The Wisdom of OWLS – Finding Liberation from Conflict and Suffering

Revised October 2017 Have you ever watched an owl in the wild? They seem to have endless potential for just sitting, observing, watching – turning their heads 360 degrees on whatever it is that has captured their attention. “Sometimes, simply by sitting, the soul collects wisdom” – Zen proverb There are many wisdom sayings and […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Fear Regret

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Fear Regret

Why You Should Never Fear Regret Regret is a curious part of the human condition. On some levels, it is necessary for morality and compassion to flourish. It can be the driving force behind personal development and a key part of the changes someone makes to get their life back on track. But that only […]

How To Access Your Prejudices

How To Access Your Prejudices

The existence of prejudice in the world has been the cause of a lot of damage. People clinging to their prejudices, even when they cause other people great amounts of suffering, is behind a lot of the conflict in many societies. There is nothing more dangerous than believing that you do not have any of […]