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How to Fuel Creativity

Whether you consider your creative habits a little bit of fun or something that defines you, pretty much everyone has their own way to indulge their creativity. Writing, drawing and playing music all have a unique way of calming people, of connecting people to their feelings and of generating a sense of personal achievement. But, […]

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How to Focus on You – Relax

Even when life is going really well for you – sometimes, especially then – things can get overwhelming. People who just want to show they care about how you’re getting on can end up getting on your nerves. A busy social life can leave you exhausted enough to ache for the peaceful existence of a […]

Depression and Sorrow

Defeating the Demon of Loneliness (with the help of Lao Tzu)

At one point, I found myself without a community. Perhaps you have, or will, as well. It could be sudden, like any sort of abandonment or death. It could be subtle, like drifting away from your adolescent home. Here is my experience. The demon of loneliness greets me. “Welcome to solitude,” he sneers. “You’ve been […]

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Achieving Without Efforting

“The next pose is called Caterpillar.” My imagination goes wild trying to imagine what the pose might look like as I am waiting for my yoga instructor to show us what we need to do. This is my first time to a Yin yoga class, and I am not quite sure what to expect. The […]

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When Your Glass is Empty

My journey to spiritual health began with the oddest concept that I had ever heard. My therapist at the time, Shay, explained it to me like this: “We are all glasses with different levels of liquid inside of us. When you give to others, you are pouring some of your liquid into their glass. When they do something for […]

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The Only Way to Answer HOW is to DO… An In-depth Look

Asking yourself or somebody else “HOW?” is a game of the mind. It is not possible to answer this question psychologically. How is a question only to be answered within the material world. And the only way to answer a question, materially, is through some type of action. Whether it be action based in thought […]

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The Effects of a Smoothie Cleanse: a 3 Day Experiment 

Experiencing a foggy mind is most likely not something you enjoy. If it is, excuse me for assuming. As for the rest of us, what do you do to shift to a clear mind? Consider that while you enjoy this article I wrote to conclude an experiment I did in which I had nothing but […]

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Why does Meditation Sound too Good to be True?

Meditation helped make Steve Jobs a world-changing innovator. Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons swears by its benefits. Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Ray Dalio, and Jim Carrey all practice Transcendental Meditation. Articles about the benefits of sitting in meditation are everywhere. And yet only 8% of people—18 million Americans—practice meditation regularly. The argument behind signing up for […]

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The Detox you Never Knew you Needed

Look up “New Years Cleanse or Detox” online and you’ll find hundreds of options ranging from juices, supplements, to colonics. As much as these are a pain in the butt (pun definitely intended) they can also be very expensive. The detox I’m about to share is totally free and will drastically change your life forever. […]

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I am the Space.

A Morning Sketch: I Am the Space “I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am Life. I am the space in which all things happen.” I am reading “Stillness Speaks” by Eckhart Tolle while having steaming creamy oatmeal with splashes of golden honey […]

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“F**k that. I wan’t to be a superhuman”. – 22 David Bowie Quotes

January 10th was a sad day for many around the world, we lost a talented, beautiful and very special man. We lost David Bowie. We lost the Goblin King. We lost Ziggy Stardust. We haven’t lost the way he made us all feel though, the thousands he encouraged to be themselves, to be what we […]


Being a Patient in the Mental Health Care System

“I don’t care if you’re 3 percent or 99 percent, that’s too much,” said my brother, the emotion heavy in his voice. We were talking about the differences in the way I look at being suicidal, which I do somewhat regularly, suffering from depression and anxiety. The sharpness in his voice really hit me hard […]