Four Hobbies That Help Generate Calm

Modern life is peppered with stress and frustration. It is not difficult to see why some people feel the need to retreat to remote areas of the world to get away. Sometimes, it can seem as if it is society’s mission to ruin your personal sense of peace and tranquillity. But distant escapes aren’t for everyone […]

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Things To Make Time For Every Day

  Life happens a lot faster than it used to. If something important happens anywhere on the planet, the rest of the world can know about it by the end of the day. Technology changes so fast that your phone will be obsolete before your contract ends. Knowledge can be downloaded at such a rate […]


Tips To Really De-Stress At Work

  Work is one of the most stressful things a person faces on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s because you don’t like your job, or because you like it so much you’re afraid to lose it, or because it’s simply one of those jobs that has a lot riding on you doing it just right, […]

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Four Ways The Modern World Aids Tranquillity

  Consumerism is rife in the modern world and capitalism is king. TIME magazine celebrates the richest men, and poor people are taught that the highest point of achievement is getting the new iPhone. At first glance, it seems that there is nothing about the modern world that could contribute to a calm and simple lifestyle. […]