11 Ways To Add Pleasure Into Your Life

11 Ways To Add More Pleasure Into Your Life

We have a beautiful library of books, Click Here to have a look, Hope you enjoy them!  The world needs more pleasure. For some reason, we’ve convinced ourselves that there isn’t time for it. Deadlines, to-do-lists, and everyone else comes first. This mentality of “powering through” in order to get more done is what keeps […]

Why Gay Pride Is Important

Why Gay Pride Is Important – Gay Pride Weekend

  Saturday 27th June 2015 sees the UK’s 43rd annual Gay Pride Parade. More cities across the country are now taking part in one of the biggest regular LGBTQ+ events in the country’s history. Why not show your appreciation and help to spread awareness for an equal world with one of these wrist bands! Its time […]

what i learned from quitting my job with no plan – part five

Quitting My Job With No Plan – Part Five

To promote your own business, site or blog on our site Click Here. Read part one Here. Having interviews lined up was reassuring. It gave me something to focus on that meant I wasn’t just sitting around the house all day. I had something to do. I could be productive again. Having some to plan […]

buddhism and sexuality

Buddhism And Sexuality

Buddhism stands aside from other spiritual doctrines as being less a religion and more a philosophy. It stresses kindness and compassion above all else and doesn’t have the same kind of strict rules as a lot of the most prevalent faiths. It leaves a lot of ethical decisions up to the person making them, giving […]

quitting job 1

Quitting My Job With No Plan – Part One

A few days ago, I quit my job. Not because I had a new one lined up. Not because I’d suddenly come into some money. Not because I’d won the lottery or got pregnant or whatever other reason people might leave paid employment. I left because it was an awful job. I was underpaid, not […]

i am depressed

“I Am Depressed” – Stopping Negative Thoughts

Many of us who suffer from depression get locked into patterns of negative thinking, feeling and actions that we perform almost automatically. Our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations become jumbled and we can’t decipher which is triggering our negative behaviour towards ourselves. All we might realize is that we’re locked into some sort of habit […]