School Bullying and Suicide

It came as quite a shock to me to hear on the local radio station that a 14 year child at my old primary school here in Cape Town South Africa had committed suicide, with the cause being reported that he was being bullied by his teachers. “The boy, who committed suicide at his home […]

Be Your Own Baby

Be Your Own Baby

The old adage that your own inner critic is the harshest you’ll ever know has been said perhaps enough times that it has become a cliché. But it really is true. When you stop to examine the way you critique yourself, the way you measure yourself up against the media and the rest of the […]

Nut types

What is a Proper Pre and Post Workout Nutrition Diet?

You might devise the most efficient workout plan ever and it will be good for nothing unless you pay attention to what you eat, how much you eat and how often. A carefully planned workout diet is as important as exercise, regardless of whether your goal is to shed weight or gain muscle mass. Even […]

Heal your life with reiki

Heal Your Life with Reiki

You may have been through a significant amount of trauma in your past lifetimes and your current life. Modern life alone can take its toll on your mental, emotional and physical health. As a result, you may struggle to start the healing process on you own. You may simply feel at a low point in […]

How depression Occurs

How Depression Occurs

We have books, go and check them out Here. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Depression no matter how little still affects people in many different ways even if they do not realise it.  Did you know that about twenty million people are fighting a battle with depression alone every single year? And if you have empathy, […]

The Worry Collector

The Worry Collector

We have books on anxiety, depression, yoga, Buddhism, stress and wellbeing at our library. Click Here to have a look 🙂 Hope you enjoy! Imagine, if you will, a man who lives next to a mighty river. Every morning, this man gets in his boat and paddles out to the middle of the water. There […]

Age should never be an excuse – look after yourself

Age Should Never Be An Excuse – Look After Yourself

Love to read? Visit our library 🙂 Hope you enjoy! We all have done it, watched our little sibling fall down and get back up like nothing happened, a smile on their face and instantly dried up tears. We laugh with our family and marvel at how young bodies bounce back so easily. I remember […]

Loving An Anxious Soul

Loving An Anxious Soul

We have a beautiful library of books so if you love to read Click Here. Hope you enjoy! anx-i-e-ty, noun, a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Desire to do something, typically accompanied by unease. A nervous disorder characterised by a state of excessive […]

How To Handle Criticism

How To Handle Criticism

Nobody’s perfect. Human beings, as a species, are flawed. We make mistakes. Even the things we do on purpose are often stupid. No matter how hard you might try to keep on top of everything, chances are there will be something left that doesn’t have your full attention. And the expectations that others have of […]

Lessons ive learned from my kids that help me deal with mental illness

Lessons I’ve Learned From My Kids That Help Me Deal With Mental Illness

I’ve been a parent for twelve years now. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for longer than that. But when I step back and think about watching my three girls grow up, I see many lessons I could take from them and apply to my mental illness. Kids haven’t been jaded by life, they haven’t […]

Mindfulness and altruism

Mindfulness And Altruism

Often when we think of self-improvement, we think we need to turn inward and direct our energy towards ourselves in order to be successful. But we can also find success – and be better people – if we look inward and direct our energy towards others. Mindful practice of compassion and altruism can lead us […]

quitting job 1

Quitting My Job With No Plan – Part One

A few days ago, I quit my job. Not because I had a new one lined up. Not because I’d suddenly come into some money. Not because I’d won the lottery or got pregnant or whatever other reason people might leave paid employment. I left because it was an awful job. I was underpaid, not […]