How to Deal With Extreme Emotion

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  It’s all very well being on top of the world’s little stresses – filling your spare time with charity and pot plants and yoga, seeing every problem as a bearable challenge, remembering to take the time to breathe and reflect… But sometimes there is nothing you can do to avoid the inevitable pain that life can throw at you….

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Seven Therapeutic Benefits Of Martial Arts

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If you’ve never attempted any kind of martial art, it might seem strange to think that of it as being as more beneficial than any other kind of regular exercise. Some might even go so far as to discourage it for promoting violence. But from within, it’s actually very different from what you might imagine. It is calming and promotes a…

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Things To Make Time For Every Day

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  Life happens a lot faster than it used to. If something important happens anywhere on the planet, the rest of the world can know about it by the end of the day. Technology changes so fast that your phone will be obsolete before your contract ends. Knowledge can be downloaded at such a rate that people get impatient having…