Where To Find Satisfaction

Where To Find Satisfaction

We have a beautiful collection of books over at our books page. Click Here for self help books on anxiety, depression, stress we also have a lovely collection of books on Buddhism and yoga! In order to give their lives some kind of structure, a lot of people choose to set themselves goals. They line […]

What I Learned From Quitting My Job With No Plan – Part Six

Quitting My Job With No Plan – Part Six

Read part one Here. For the most part, the interviews I had weren’t especially difficult. Some of them I even enjoyed. I was made to feel comfortable by welcoming, friendly people who were interested in getting to know someone who may soon become a new member of their team. They were happy to engage with […]

The importance of failure

The Importance Of Failure

To promote your own business, site or blog on our site Click Here. Success feels fantastic. It makes us happy. Triumphant. Like the whole world is ours to command. Even if that only lasts until the initial rush wears off. It’s still a very nice rush. It’s something that people strive for their whole lives. […]

5 tips to stay productive

Five Tips To Stay Productive

To promote your own business, site or blog on our site Click Here. No matter how efficient and organised we are on our finest days at work, no one can escape the occasional day when you want to do nothing but procrastinate. Even the very best of us sometimes simply can’t be bothered putting the effort […]

hold on to you

Hold Onto Your Dreams

People spend the first twenty or so years of their lives trying to figure out who they are, what they like, what they want, what difference they will make in the world. Most of childhood is spent trying to generate interests and passions. Ways to spend your time that fulfil you and excite you and […]


Letting Go Of Your Mask

  It’s a nice idea to think that we are all blessed with total autonomy, that every choice we make is completely our own. But it’s no secret that this is effectively only a pleasant fantasy, even outside of determination theories. Social pressure affects all of us on varying levels. For some people, it defines […]

How to Choose Your Goals

How To Choose Your Goals

Everyone has that point at which they just have to stop. When they have to step back from the hassle and reconsider the path they’ve laid out for themselves. When they need to ask, Am I still doing the right thing? Is what I’m doing still making me happy? A lot of the time, people […]

to do list

How To Say No

It is admirable to be the kind of person who makes time for others. There are far too many people who are unwilling to give up their time and effort – perhaps even money or other physical assets – to help others. Being the kind of person who answers Yes when someone in need calls […]

how to make the most out of your mistakes

How To Use Your Mistakes

There’s no escaping it any more, things went wrong and it was your fault. You made the decision that sent everything off course. You didn’t see this coming and, as much as you wish you had, all you can do now is face the unpredictable nature of reality and take responsibility. And it’s not easy. […]


How To Not Stress About Deadlines

You’ve known it’s coming for quite some time, but for whatever reason you just haven’t got round to getting the work done. Other things – important things, of course – have just got in the way. The rest of your life. Having a life at all. And it didn’t seem like it was due so […]


How To Not Stress About Being Independent

You’re a grown up now. There is no escaping it. You have responsibilities. It is entirely up to you to keep yourself alive. If you fall over, you have to pick yourself up. You have to earn your own money to pay your own bills. You set your own curfew. In fact – you make […]


How To Not Stress About Graduating

It’s difficult to believe three years have passed already. Or two. Or four. Or six. However long your course was. But you’re facing your last semester or so of university now and, frankly, it has crept up on you. It felt like you had a lot longer to plan this next bit. But you thought […]