The Zen of Disaster

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The Zen of Disaster A fire that started around midnight in Imizamo Yethu (Xhosa, meaning “Our Efforts” and commonly known as Mandela Park) Informal Settlement, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa has destroyed thousands of homes and left thousands homeless and destitute. This weekend in Cape Town brought the concept of Zen into stark reality. Cape Town is home to millions of poor migrant…


Singing Away The Panic Attacks

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In 2001, when I was 53, the panic attacks started. My mother had died in the January and I had been feeling low. Having suffered from asthma for many years I was well aware that I had to steer clear of dust and pollutants and yet on this particular day I stood too close to my husband who was sweeping…

christmas car tree

Christmas Without Christianity

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For the most part, western society today is secular. It includes people of all or no faiths, people from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds, and people living all sorts of unique lifestyles. Although it still holds great religious significance for Christians across the world, Christmas has become, in the west, as much a cultural holiday as a spiritual one….