how to make the most out of your mistakes

How To Use Your Mistakes

There’s no escaping it any more, things went wrong and it was your fault. You made the decision that sent everything off course. You didn’t see this coming and, as much as you wish you had, all you can do now is face the unpredictable nature of reality and take responsibility. And it’s not easy. […]


How To Not Stress About Deadlines

You’ve known it’s coming for quite some time, but for whatever reason you just haven’t got round to getting the work done. Other things – important things, of course – have just got in the way. The rest of your life. Having a life at all. And it didn’t seem like it was due so […]


It’s Actions That Matter

The world is a very different place on the inside of your mind. Perception plays a huge role in the formation of a person’s attitude and approach to life. If you think someone is being sarcastic and rude, you might end up feeling insulted by what was meant as a genuine compliment. Or if someone […]


How To Identify Regret

Everyone has bum days. Days where everything goes wrong. Days where even the things that didn’t go too wrong still don’t feel quite right. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of waking up in the wrong frame of mind for life. Sometimes, other people’s messes genuinely get in the way of your own joy. Sometimes, it’s […]


How To Not Stress About Being Independent

You’re a grown up now. There is no escaping it. You have responsibilities. It is entirely up to you to keep yourself alive. If you fall over, you have to pick yourself up. You have to earn your own money to pay your own bills. You set your own curfew. In fact – you make […]

pick your battles

How To Pick Your Battles

Sometimes it can feel like the world is purposely getting in your way. It’s like the red lights know you’re getting close and the flu is hunting you down. If reality had a face, you’d have half a mind to punch it. Or at least give it a serious talking to. Because you don’t condone […]

Desire Regret

The Difference Between Mistakes and Regret

No one is perfect. And even the really clever ones aren’t that smart. Everyone has their days when they do things that aren’t especially bright. People are instinctual, rash creatures. We don’t do an awful lot of things that make sense. We act blindly and without reason a lot of the time. We make huge […]


How To Not Stress About Graduating

It’s difficult to believe three years have passed already. Or two. Or four. Or six. However long your course was. But you’re facing your last semester or so of university now and, frankly, it has crept up on you. It felt like you had a lot longer to plan this next bit. But you thought […]

relax picture dzen

How To Flush Away Stress

Close your eyes. Read the rest of the instructions first. But then close your eyes. Picture your troubles, in whatever way feels right to you. It could be a real face, or a real place, or a visual representation of an abstract concept – whatever is getting on your nerves right now. Imagine it however […]

Calm santa

How To Not Stress About Christmas

Despite the sparkly fairy tale magic that is Christmas time, no one can deny that it can get unbearably stressful. There are so many things that make it horribly expensive – starting with the extra heating bills because of the weather, through the cost of food, booze and presents. It is complicated and expensive sorting […]


Letting Go Of Ambition

It is the driving force behind pretty much everything: being the best. You have to be top of your class. You have to be the youngest in your office. You have to have the highest IQ. You have to be able to bench the most. You have to be the first to be promoted. You […]


Tips For The Insomniac

  From personal experience, I know that it can be hard to fall asleep at night when a million and one things rush through your mind as your head hits the pillow. Before you resort to methods such as sleeping pills, take a look at my own tips to help you get your beauty sleep. […]