How to Admit You Are Scared

How to Admit You Are Scared

Everyone assumes that things are going to start making sense soon. It’s a feeling you start having when you’re a tiny little kid. When all you know is eating and sleeping and crying, and everyone around you has so much more going on. You assume, with every birthday you hit, that this will be the […]


Meditation In The West

Meditation as a habit has been encouraged to flourish in the modern west numerous times. For many decades, in a time before people learned to embrace the wisdom of other cultures, it was dismissed as eastern superstitious nonsense. It was not popularised until scientist Jon Kabat-Zinn tested the effect of Buddhist style meditation on ordinary […]


Knowing When To Act

You’ve got this Zen stuff down. You are calm and responsible. You approach problems logically, without letting emotions take over. You treat people with respect and honesty. You meditate regularly and your mind is trained to be able to relax in the face of any stressor. You are completely satisfied with your ability to soothe […]

The Joy of Complaining

The Joy Of Complaining

You sometimes wish you didn’t, but you complain a lot. Your job is stressful. Your rent is too high. Food costs too much. Taxes are too high. People on the bus are annoying. Drivers on the road are inconsiderate. Your friends are annoying. Your meal was cold when it reached your table, which was doubly […]

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How To Say No

It is admirable to be the kind of person who makes time for others. There are far too many people who are unwilling to give up their time and effort – perhaps even money or other physical assets – to help others. Being the kind of person who answers Yes when someone in need calls […]

learn to listen

Learn To Listen

The things people are most afraid to say and usually the ones that most need to be heard. I’m gay. I love you. I want to help you. He’s been hitting me. I can’t pay my rent. Help me. They’re the things that people often don’t have the strength to say aloud. Giving voice to […]


How To Know Which Decision Is Right

Every person faces countless choices every day. What time to get up in the morning. What to have for breakfast. What to wear. What music to put on your mp3 player. Whether to go to work or call in sick so you can spend a day relaxing for a change. Some aren’t all that important. […]


How To Be Vocal About Your Problems

You don’t want to make a fuss. You don’t want to get in anyone’s way. You can deal with it. You can fix it yourself. Or you can just live with that little annoyance. It’s fine. You can manage. You can make do without … whatever it was you wanted. And it’s really good of […]


Letting Go Of Trivialities

It has been raining for so long that you don’t want to bother going outside any more. Frankly, even if it was gloriously sunny outside the traffic would still be terrible. And there wouldn’t be anything good on the radio. And if you wanted so much as a cup of coffee you’d have to take […]


Can Destruction Really Heal?

You’re hurt. You have been wronged. And you are mad. You want vengeance for the slight against you. You are angry and you are prepared to fight for your honour back and you are Batman. You want to hit something and you want it to have the face of whoever has made you feel like […]

How to not stress about being fat

How To Not Stress About Being Fat

It’s one of the most famous and most damaging reasons teenagers hate themselves. And a worrying number of the people who say they’ve grown out of that mindset are either lying to you or to themselves. Men and women alike are obsessed today with being thin. People will go to insane lengths to shave off […]


The Importance Of Decisiveness

It doesn’t really matter what you have for dinner. You’re not especially bothered – none of the choices jump out at you as the one you desperately want today. You’ll be just as satisfied whatever you do. It’s not important. It’s not worth wasting your energy on. It’s not anything that’ll you’ll care about – […]