How to accept impermanence

How To Accept Impermanence

Buddhism, Spirit February 18, 2015 No Comments

All things come to an end. It’s a simple matter of life. It is, if you will, the circle of life. Everything that is grown will wither and decay. Everything that is made will break, or run down, and eventually stop working. Everyone that is born will die. Sometimes, knowing that all things pass is a comfort. When you’re upset,…


The Importance Of Focus

Meditation, Spirit, You February 15, 2015 No Comments

The modern world is busy. People have to face a constant onslaught of information and deal with it on top of the already hectic rush of life. It’s no wonder you want to make time to just sit and stop thinking about everything. But making time for meditation, to achieve this, is very different to taking a break in which…


8 Useful Zen Sites

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Sometimes it can be difficult to find time to meditate, or to reflect, or make some other conscious effort to embrace Zen. It feels like work. You’d rather just flick through Facebook for those fifteen minutes you have to free. As it happens, you can do both. Kill a few minutes on Facebook or Reddit or Twitter or whatever floats…