How To Be Vocal About Your Problems

You don’t want to make a fuss. You don’t want to get in anyone’s way. You can deal with it. You can fix it yourself. Or you can just live with that little annoyance. It’s fine. You can manage. You can make do without … whatever it was you wanted. And it’s really good of […]

elephants in water

Fall In Love With Reality

The idea of Santa Claus is kind of lovely when you think about it. It’s a kindly old man dedicating his life to ensuring that children all over the world, at least once a year, get a gift. And, somehow, the universe acknowledged that goodness and rewarded him with elf helpers, magic reindeer and immortality […]

The Significance of You

The Significance of You

Today has been one of those days when everything simply sucks and there has been nothing you can do to change that. And, for once, it doesn’t just seem like things are against you. Things actually are conspiring to do you wrong. People are being awful to you and they’re enjoying it. You’ve done everything […]


It’s Actions That Matter

The world is a very different place on the inside of your mind. Perception plays a huge role in the formation of a person’s attitude and approach to life. If you think someone is being sarcastic and rude, you might end up feeling insulted by what was meant as a genuine compliment. Or if someone […]

pick your battles

How To Pick Your Battles

Sometimes it can feel like the world is purposely getting in your way. It’s like the red lights know you’re getting close and the flu is hunting you down. If reality had a face, you’d have half a mind to punch it. Or at least give it a serious talking to. Because you don’t condone […]


How To Use Anger

More dangerous than greed or desire or power, anger is the single most destructive force an individual can experience. It is a poison that damages first on impact and lingers until all of the joy and vitality is sucked out of a life. Everyone gets angry on occasion. The imperfect, entropic nature of life makes […]

Once upon a time

Letting Go of Prince Charming

Things didn’t work out with your high school crush and frankly university was not the place for a serious relationship. Things were too uncertain in the time following to commit to someone else’s plans. But now you’re ready. You’ve pretty much fixed you and now you’re ready to share your life with another human being. […]


How To Handle Rejection

Sometimes in life, you have to hear people say no. Sometimes, you’re not right for the job you want. Sometimes, someone else has got the house you want before you can put in an offer. And it’s not because there’s any problem with you, for the most part. Life is just like that. You can’t […]

Spotting and Dealing With Negative Friendships

Spotting And Dealing With Negative Friendships.

Out With the Old and In With The New: Spotting and Dealing With Negative Friendships. “Surround yourself with those who see greatness in you, even when you don’t see it in yourself.” @WomenOfHistory. I came across the above quote whilst trudging through the endless stream of self promotion and pointless whinging on twitter the other […]