Loving An Anxious Soul

Loving An Anxious Soul

We have a beautiful library of books so if you love to read Click Here. Hope you enjoy! anx-i-e-ty, noun, a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Desire to do something, typically accompanied by unease. A nervous disorder characterised by a state of excessive […]

11 Ways To Add Pleasure Into Your Life

11 Ways To Add More Pleasure Into Your Life

We have a beautiful library of books, Click Here to have a look, Hope you enjoy them!  The world needs more pleasure. For some reason, we’ve convinced ourselves that there isn’t time for it. Deadlines, to-do-lists, and everyone else comes first. This mentality of “powering through” in order to get more done is what keeps […]

Are You Sweet Or Sour?

Are You Sweet Or Sour?

  If you love to read check out our library of books, hope you enjoy! I recently had an interesting conversation with my 13-year-old son Sam. We talked about the recent heat wave and I told him about some rude drivers I’d noticed earlier that day. In return, he told me that when he was […]

Redefine Yourself – Learn Who You Really Are

Redefine Yourself – Learn Who You Really Are

  “Embrace nothing: If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. If you meet your father, kill your father. Only live your life as it is, Not bound to anything.” -Gautama Siddharta   EMBRACE NOTHING My life was in shambles. I had a dead end job. My bills were mounting up and my daughter’s father […]

So…Now What? – The Importance Of Gratitude

So…Now What? – The Importance Of Gratitude

So….Now What? Like the rest of America, I fell in love with Nemo. I rooted for poor Marlin, who…like me…struggles with anxiety and a touch of neurosis. I lavished gratitude on all the fellow creatures who helped father and son reunite along the way. But my favourite part of the film was the end. I […]

The Importance of a Support Network

The Importance Of a Support Network

If you love to read check out our beautiful library, hope you enjoy! Dealing with a mental illness, such as depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety can be difficult enough on its own. Throw in the demands of life – job, parenting, shopping, bills, and the task starts to become monumental. When you’re dealing with an […]

Six Things to Consider Before Cutting Someone Out

Six Things To Consider Before Cutting Someone Out

Unhealthy relationships can cause a lot of pain in a person’s life. They can leech the joy out of what should be some of the greatest moments you could ever experience. Some people insist on remaining in your life even though they bring nothing positive to yourself. They drain your time and affection and resources […]

How To Handle Criticism

How To Handle Criticism

Nobody’s perfect. Human beings, as a species, are flawed. We make mistakes. Even the things we do on purpose are often stupid. No matter how hard you might try to keep on top of everything, chances are there will be something left that doesn’t have your full attention. And the expectations that others have of […]

Panic attacks and social anxiety

Panic Attacks And Social Anxiety

Anxiety can really twist our brains around. It skews our perspective. It keeps us looking over our shoulder, watching for an invisible fear. This was my experience on an anxious day during the summer with my wife’s family. I like her family, I’ve always gotten along with them well, but you might not know that […]

Love And Acceptance – Learing To Love Through Acceptance

Love And Acceptance – To Love Through Acceptance

For a lot of people, the love they experience in their lifetime will always be considered one of their finest achievements. It will be the part of their lives that they cherish most, that they see as the most valuable aspect of their being. When something is that important to the lives of so many […]

Compassion And Meditation

Meditation For Compassion And Understanding Others

Meditation serves many purposes. It can help to improve various aspects of a person’s mental ability and wellbeing. It can help to reduce stress and to generate a higher emotional sensibility. It allows people to develop a more intimate understanding of their body and mind. And, while meditating regularly can benefit all of these things […]

Five Things People Think When You Ask For Help

Asking For Help, 5 Things People Are Thinking About You

Even though it’s common knowledge that no one person can do everything alone, a lot of people still get daunted when they have to ask someone else for help. Some aspects of society put an unnecessary amount of pressure on people to be independent and that seeps through to other areas of life where total […]