The Best Gift You Can Give this Holiday Season.

During the holiday shopping rush, finding that ‘perfect’ gift has the potential to create some significant anxiety, unravelling our best intentions for a merry and happy holiday season. It can result in sleepless nights, endless wandering through retail outlets, frustration and for some, ingesting large doses of antacids. But perhaps this season we can employ […]

Imperfections As Inspiration

Imperfections As Inspiration

Everyone has at least one person who they look up to, who they turn to in times of need or trouble, who they think of when they’re stuck on a moral dilemma. Sometimes, it’s a beloved relative. Other times, it can be a celebrity, or a historical or mythological figure. We admire people for all kinds […]


“There’s a Voice Inside you that Tells you What you Should Do” – 16 Alan Rickman Quotes

Alan Rickman passed away this morning at the age of 69 after a courageous battle with cancer, someone who most people consider to be one of the best actors of our time, and whose friends, family and colleagues consider to be an incredibly supportive and loyal man. Rickman, a man who in one scene could […]

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“F**k that. I wan’t to be a superhuman”. – 22 David Bowie Quotes

January 10th was a sad day for many around the world, we lost a talented, beautiful and very special man. We lost David Bowie. We lost the Goblin King. We lost Ziggy Stardust. We haven’t lost the way he made us all feel though, the thousands he encouraged to be themselves, to be what we […]

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Simple Things to Do to Show Someone with Depression and Anxiety You Care

“If there’s anything we can do for you guy, any time, day or night, you just let your mom or I know.” That’s my dad. His voice aches with the pain and helplessness he feels talking to me. I just told him that I quit my third job in fifteen months because of the troubles […]

The Illusions In The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The Illusions In The Stories We Tell Ourselves

We have a beautiful selection of books, Click Here for our library 🙂 Hope you enjoy! We all have stories that we tell ourselves about our lives. Stories about what we want for the future, stories about what kind of parent or spouse we want to be. There are stories about how we look at […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Morning

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Morning

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” – Gautama Buddha Each morning, we get up – and go through some sort of process to get the day started. Here are five questions to ask yourself daily. These will set the course of your day, and can literally change your life. Self […]

Six Great Leonard Cohen Quotes

Six Great Leonard Cohen Quotes

  Leonard Cohen’s most famous creation is popular for its ability to inspire hope, to make people feel empowered. “Hallelujah” was written twenty years in Cohen’s recording career and has since been covered by almost two hundred artists. Cohen spent his life learning, creating and experiencing the world to its fullest extent and expressing his […]

Six Things to Consider Before Cutting Someone Out

Six Things To Consider Before Cutting Someone Out

Unhealthy relationships can cause a lot of pain in a person’s life. They can leech the joy out of what should be some of the greatest moments you could ever experience. Some people insist on remaining in your life even though they bring nothing positive to yourself. They drain your time and affection and resources […]

Nine Great Alan Moore Quotes That You Should Think About

Nine Great Alan Moore Quotes That You Should Think About

One of the modern media’s most celebrated creators, Alan Moore has authored some of the deepest and most influential films, games, graphic novels and stories to have been published in recent decades. Living an intensely introspective and intellectual life, Moore’s tales explore humanity at a depth that forces his audience to confront fundamental truths of […]

Hunter S Thompson Quotes

5 Hunter S Thompson Quotes To Get You Thinking About Life

  If anyone can truly be said to have experienced this world to its fullest, that person is Hunter S Thompson. As a journalist, he talked his way in and out of some of the most important events in American history. He made a conscious effort to get the most out of every experience and […]

Four Great Quotes From Carrie Fisher

Four Great Carrie Fisher Quotes

Best known for her iconic character Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, Carrie Fisher was born into a life that should have been perfect. While both her parents were successful Hollywood personalities, she was plagued with manic depression from a young age. Despite suffering from a very complex mental illness, she devoted herself to […]