8 Useful Zen Sites

Sometimes it can be difficult to find time to meditate, or to reflect, or make some other conscious effort to embrace Zen. It feels like work. You’d rather just flick through Facebook for those fifteen minutes you have to free. As it happens, you can do both. Kill a few minutes on Facebook or Reddit […]

4 tips to fairer competition

4 Tips To Fairer Competition

From when you’re a kid, you’re pushed into competition with everyone around you. With your classmates. With your siblings. You get awards if you get the best grades. You get more awards if you play a competitive sport. Even if you don’t, you might be lucky enough to get an award on Sports Day. Even […]


The Key To Humility

To get anywhere worth going you have to face competition. A lot of the people want to get to that good place. In order to properly take on that competition, you have to be good at self-promotion. The first step to success is knowing how to sell yourself to the people with money and power. […]


The Importance Of Flexibility

You know the difference between right and wrong. You learned it when you were a kid. You are quite happy and quite comfortable with your morals. You can take on any ethical dilemma with ease. You go through your life fully knowing how you would tackle any problem that came your way with barely a […]


How To Find Opportunity

Sometimes it can feel like you’re going to be stuck in the same place living out the same day forever. It can feel like you’ve hit a wall that’s going to be in your way for the rest of your life. It can feel like you’re so settled into your routine that you have run […]