How to Finish an Argument

How to Finish an Argument

Regardless of what you or anyone else believes, there are two fundamental truths that pretty much everyone can agree on. Firstly, that everyone sees the world differently, from their own unique perspective, altered by their own view, experiences and memory. Secondly, that nobody in perfect. This is why there is conflict in society. Sometimes, people […]

What it means to be supportive

What it Means to be Supportive

There are a few things that define the value of any relationship. Things that everyone can bring to their friendships and relationships to make the people they care about feel secure in the quality of their connections. One of the most important things a person can be is supportive. That can mean encouraging someone in […]

How to Support Someone who is Grieving

How to Support Someone who is Grieving

Losing someone you love can be one of the single most devastating things a person can experience, especially if it comes as an unexpected blow. If you know someone struggling with that kind of loss, it can be difficult to know how to behave around them, particularly if you’ve never been through it yourself. Even […]

when life isnt fair

When Life isn’t Fair

  I honestly can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t being given the response: “Life isn’t fair.” As a child those words offered no comfort and as I grew up… Well, they didn’t offer any comfort then either. I don’t know where I got the idea that life was supposed to be fair. I’m not […]

The key to controlling self esteem

The Key to Controlling Self Esteem

The modern west has a self-esteem problem. Far too many people are in love with themselves, while an equally enormous number of people can’t bear to live in their own skin. It is painfully rare to find people who have a healthy balance between self-criticism and pride. But this exact balance is key to not […]

Young couple arguing

‘If You Can’t Handle Me At My Worst’ – The Truth Behind it.

If You Can’t Handle Me At My Worst… …then you don’t deserve me at my best. It’s one of those quotations that does the rounds on social media every so often. It’s usually shared by people with bad attitudes, to justify treating the people around them like dirt. It’s thrown at people who are genuinely […]

Girl Holding Painting Against Paint Covered Wall In Studio

How to Fuel Creativity

Whether you consider your creative habits a little bit of fun or something that defines you, pretty much everyone has their own way to indulge their creativity. Writing, drawing and playing music all have a unique way of calming people, of connecting people to their feelings and of generating a sense of personal achievement. But, […]

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How to Focus on You – Relax

Even when life is going really well for you – sometimes, especially then – things can get overwhelming. People who just want to show they care about how you’re getting on can end up getting on your nerves. A busy social life can leave you exhausted enough to ache for the peaceful existence of a […]

Desperation in the office

Three Signs Your Values Don’t Fit Your Work Life

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” ― Roy Disney Respectfully, I disagree with Mr. Disney. Every day we are challenged to make value-based decisions with many facets to consider around this issue. Often we need to take family, friends, or colleagues into consideration and sometimes our values aren’t […]

closeup Glass of water on table in the living room

When Your Glass is Empty

My journey to spiritual health began with the oddest concept that I had ever heard. My therapist at the time, Shay, explained it to me like this: “We are all glasses with different levels of liquid inside of us. When you give to others, you are pouring some of your liquid into their glass. When they do something for […]

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The Only Way to Answer HOW is to DO… An In-depth Look

Asking yourself or somebody else “HOW?” is a game of the mind. It is not possible to answer this question psychologically. How is a question only to be answered within the material world. And the only way to answer a question, materially, is through some type of action. Whether it be action based in thought […]

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The Detox you Never Knew you Needed

Look up “New Years Cleanse or Detox” online and you’ll find hundreds of options ranging from juices, supplements, to colonics. As much as these are a pain in the butt (pun definitely intended) they can also be very expensive. The detox I’m about to share is totally free and will drastically change your life forever. […]