Being a Patient in the Mental Health Care System

“I don’t care if you’re 3 percent or 99 percent, that’s too much,” said my brother, the emotion heavy in his voice. We were talking about the differences in the way I look at being suicidal, which I do somewhat regularly, suffering from depression and anxiety. The sharpness in his voice really hit me hard […]

Nut types

What is a Proper Pre and Post Workout Nutrition Diet?

You might devise the most efficient workout plan ever and it will be good for nothing unless you pay attention to what you eat, how much you eat and how often. A carefully planned workout diet is as important as exercise, regardless of whether your goal is to shed weight or gain muscle mass. Even […]

Three Children Playing In Woods Together

My Own 2 Feet – Everyone Fails

I wrote this a couple of years ago, but I think it serves as a good reminder of what we can learn and do when we try to do something for ourselves. I learned some valuable lessons about myself while I was training to run a 5K race with my daughters. I wasn’t at the […]

Hiker with backpack enjoying sea view from top of a mountain

The Zen of the Effort – Embrace the Effort

Undoubtedly my favourite place to train is a small-secluded hillside not more than 3 miles from my house. It is a hidden dead end road servicing small estates in a rural suburban town next to mine. Not more than a ½ mile in length this short climb with portions approaching 7%. It is popular with […]

Guy pressed to the floor in the gym on the roof

How the Gym Helped Me Deal with Depression

Exercise as a means of combating depression is common medical advice. There are numerous studies that confirm that regular exercise can help improve mild to moderate depression. Exercise alone won’t make depression go away, but it can play a significant role in your treatment. I experienced depression 8 years ago. As part of my treatment […]

awakening through breast cancer

Awakening Through Breast Cancer

Eve Ensler, perhaps best known to the world for writing The Vagina Monologues, is now best known to me for writing In the Body of the World, a memoir about (in part) her uterine cancer. She writes: “What if… when you got sick you weren’t a stage but in a process. And cancer, just like […]

How Running Made Me the Ultimate Optimist

How Running Made Me the Ultimate optimist

Beautiful books….this way! How running made me the ultimate optimist… I used to hate running. I thought I could never do it because I didn’t have the right body. Luckily, my first summer job I worked in a marketing department and my coworkers were all runners. Every Tuesday/Thursday at lunch we would hit the trails. […]

Staying Home and Resting in the Age of Busyness

Staying Home and Resting in the Age of Busyness

Have you tried colouring to release stress? Try the Mindfulness Colouring Book, over in our library 🙂 Hope you relax and enjoy it! “Dum, da dum,” goes the theme music. Again. The screen prompts me, “Watch next episode?” “Yes,” I click. I’m now on my sixth straight episode of a series on Netflix. I’m lounging […]

Breathe Your Way To Better Health

Breathe Your Way To Better Health

We do it on average around 25,000 times a day, yet we don’t seem to give it a second thought. That’s right, breathing is something we have been doing subconsciously since the day we were born, but what we may not realise is the impact our breathing has on our physical, mental and emotional health. […]

Age should never be an excuse – look after yourself

Age Should Never Be An Excuse – Look After Yourself

Love to read? Visit our library 🙂 Hope you enjoy! We all have done it, watched our little sibling fall down and get back up like nothing happened, a smile on their face and instantly dried up tears. We laugh with our family and marvel at how young bodies bounce back so easily. I remember […]

Anxiety & Fear- Whats Around The Corner For You?

Anxiety & Fear: Whats Around The Corner For You?

It’s a dark, crowded movie theatre. The girl on the screen is walking alone through the dim, musty old house, hand stretched out in front of her, groping her way through the dark. She moves, slowly, cautiously, breathing audibly. The camera switches to a view of her front the front, where we hear someone else […]

Alcohol And Anxiety- Meditation Will Free Your Mind

Alcohol And Anxiety: Meditation Will Free Your Mind

ALCOHOL ONLY NUMBS YOUR ANXIETY.  One thing that alcohol should never be used for is anxiety-relief. Using alcohol to drown your worries is a dangerous path to take. Because, whether you realise it or not, alcohol doesn’t actually get rid of your anxiety. Pounding back shots of vodka, shots of whiskey, shots of rum, or […]