What to Eat to Avoid Going to the Eye Doctor

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to start turning things around and start eating healthy. When it comes to taking care of your eyes and postponing wearing glasses as much as possible, carrots seem like a good solution. But, eating your way to good eyesight is about much more than […]

New Year’s Resolutions – the Nutrition Edition

  With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it’s high time you’ve made some New Year’s resolutions and decided how to behave and what to do in the following year. However, while these decisions are important and worthy of your time, there’s something even more significant – your health and nutrition. If you don’t eat enough […]

The Health Benefits Sinus Surgery Can Have on Your Life

Like most of us know, treating a runny nose or a mild deviation due to cold is a painless and easy procedure. However, others are not as lucky, and experience more serious medical problems with their nasal cavity and their sinuses. Fortunately, medical science has made leaps in recent years, and sinus surgery is now […]


How Can Food Impact Your Mood?

Our mood swings about a million times a day – and that’s when we’re not under stress, in pain, annoyed or irritated, and that’s just the way it is. With so many different impulses affecting our nervous system all day long, it’s only expected not to be in the same mood from morning ‘till night. […]


Physiotherapy Products You Can Buy

WHAT IS PHYSIOTHERAPY Physiotherapy helps a person to recover from many problems, diseases, injury or other deformities arising. It is a treatment – mostly exercise of sorts, but not just that. That means, no external medicines are provided to the patient, rather the whole treatment depends on  massages, exercises and other techniques such as heat […]


Correct Wheelchair Pressure Relief Cushions for Pain Free Life

Wheelchair pressure relief cushions are of various types and serve various purposes. They are made from various materials. Choice of these cushions depends on a person’s physical requirement, day to day regular life activities and method of transportation. But the prime focus is on why the cushions are required. Anyone using a wheelchair may use a […]


Healing After Surgery: Things You Need to Know About Your Diet and Nutrition

Invasive or not, a surgical procedure is a shock for your whole body and therefore, everything linked to it should be treated with utmost care and concern. The idea is that everything you do prior to and after the surgery should promote better healing, quicker results and hopefully a healthy lifestyle you’ll be happy with. […]

Four Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Four Health Benefits Of Green Tea

As high streets get increasingly packed with coffee shops and many people continue to swear by a traditional builders’ brew, a trend for green tea is definitely creeping across the west. Some people are happy enough to enjoy the flavour, while others swear it has benefits beyond that of a typical cup of tea. Some […]

How to Make Exercise Meditative

How to Make Exercise Meditative

As modern life gets busier and more stressful, incorporating an element of meditation into other hobbies and tasks is becoming increasingly popular. One thing that most people do on a regular basis that lends itself easily to a meditative state is, simply, exercise. The relationship between the mind and body is the main reason for […]

Swimming as Meditation

Swimming as Meditation

It’s easy to shrug off meditation as one of those things that there just isn’t time for in the hectic contemporary lifestyle. But a lot of its key effects can be generated through other activities, including a lot of hobbies that people generally do in their spare time anyway. A great example of this is […]

closeup Glass of water on table in the living room

When Your Glass is Empty

My journey to spiritual health began with the oddest concept that I had ever heard. My therapist at the time, Shay, explained it to me like this: “We are all glasses with different levels of liquid inside of us. When you give to others, you are pouring some of your liquid into their glass. When they do something for […]

glasses of various smoothies

The Effects of a Smoothie Cleanse: a 3 Day Experiment 

Experiencing a foggy mind is most likely not something you enjoy. If it is, excuse me for assuming. As for the rest of us, what do you do to shift to a clear mind? Consider that while you enjoy this article I wrote to conclude an experiment I did in which I had nothing but […]