How to Talk with Your Parent about Their Health 

As our parents grow older, it’s common for health problems to appear and naturally, we want to support them every step of the way. However, a person’s health can be a sensitive topic. It can be challenging to approach this conversation with care — especially if they don’t want to discuss it. There’s no need […]

Silence can be Deafening

In 2015, one of my worst nightmares became a reality when my ears started ringing. And I instantly wished for a volume button to turn it off. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. As a professional working in the music industry, hearing damage, or worse, hearing loss, causes a lot of anxiety, which is all too […]

What’s the Connection between Oral and Mental Health?

The connection between mind and body has been explored and studied for years. Our minds and emotions are known to influence our health in many ways, and we all know our health has a direct impact on our mental state. So if we want to care for our mental and emotional wellbeing, we need to […]

Tips for Staying Healthy & Happy as You Age

As we grow older, our bodies gradually deteriorate. This downtrend triggers negative emotions and throws us off balance mentally. Well, one cannot prevent the wheel of time from spinning, but it is certainly possible to slow down this imminent process. The thing is: we have to fight harder in order to preserve your health, boost […]

8 Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits For Your Health

Many people know apple cider vinegar as a salad dressing. However, there are many apple cider vinegar benefits, many of which are backed by science. The link between a resilient immune system and eating apples is no secret. The famous adage ‘an apple a day keeps the physician away,’ is no myth, but instead, a […]

5 Easy Steps to Detox Your Living Space

Sorry to break it to you, but beneath that pretty façade, your home might conceal a variety of harmful menaces that prey on your good health and well-being. And when allowed a free rein, they quickly accumulate and eventually become a major health risk. In other words, the root cause of your mental and psychical […]

The Secret Path Back to Sanity

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir  So, has this kind of thing ever happened to you? For some mysterious reason, the alarm just doesn’t go off, and now you’re starting off in a wild rush to catch up with the morning routine. In the dash to get […]

8 Recreational Sports that are Great for Your Psychical and Mental Health

We all know that engaging in physical activity is important for our health, but not everyone is born a pro athlete. However, you don’t have to be Tiger Woods to start playing golf, or David Beckham to enjoy soccer. Recreational sports also positively affect our bodies and minds. Here are the eight best recreational sports […]

Health & Well-being: Energised, Happy, Productive – Is It Really That Hard?

Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the modern society, it’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. While putting all our efforts in creating a perfect life for the future, we often forget to appreciate the present and neglect our own well-being. Even if we manage […]

How to Eat Consciously

  One of the wonderful gifts of being human is the pleasure we can get from food. All of the flavors and textures that can be found in the different ethnic foods we eat are almost magical. The range of possibilities seems endless; spicy and sweet or pungent and sour, creamy or light, to name […]

How Switching to Organic Lifestyle will Change Your Life

When the organic trend took over, many wondered how long the lifespan of this ‘fad’ will be. Years of benefits later, people are becoming increasingly aware that this is not a trend; it’s a genuine lifestyle that we should all jump on board with. Now, before we begin exploring the ever-expanding universe of the organic […]

Eating Right for Every Season

There’s a saying which claims that we are what we eat, but is this really true? Well, that’s debatable, but one thing is certain – the foods we eat affect us much more than we can possibly imagine. Many people are talking about seasonal eating these days, and if you want to know what it’s […]