Anxiety & Fear- Whats Around The Corner For You?

Anxiety & Fear: Whats Around The Corner For You?

It’s a dark, crowded movie theatre. The girl on the screen is walking alone through the dim, musty old house, hand stretched out in front of her, groping her way through the dark. She moves, slowly, cautiously, breathing audibly. The camera switches to a view of her front the front, where we hear someone else […]

Panic attacks and social anxiety

Panic Attacks And Social Anxiety

Anxiety can really twist our brains around. It skews our perspective. It keeps us looking over our shoulder, watching for an invisible fear. This was my experience on an anxious day during the summer with my wife’s family. I like her family, I’ve always gotten along with them well, but you might not know that […]

Living With Uncertainty And Learning To Let Go

Living With Uncertainty And Learning to Let Go

  “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.” – John Allen Paulos When it comes to the future, we prefer knowing to not knowing. Knowing provides us security, comfort and peace of mind. Knowing provides us control. We can plan and prepare, and we […]

Far away in the same place

Far Away In The Same Place

To promote your own business, site or blog on our site Click Here. This is what life can be like when a husband and wife both suffer from mental illness. “Hi Mommy,” squeaked our youngest daughter as my wife came through the door after work. “Hi baby,” she replied, walking through the kitchen to drop […]

robert downey jr

Six Great Quotes From Robert Downey Jr.

Cheeky, charming and renowned for alternative and mainstream cinema alike, Robert Downey Jr has had every up and down in his life splashed across the media. Working in film from the age of five, everyone has been able to watch his successes and mistakes – his drug abuse problems, his failed marriage, his career and […]


The Truth About Recovery From Anxiety & Depression

You’ve been suffering for a long time and feel like you’ve already hit rock-bottom. You’re in treatment, you check in with your doctor regularly and think you’re pointed in the right direction. Maybe you can even see the light at the end of the tunnel. The rest of the way should be a piece of […]

the importance of sincerity

The Importance Of Sincerity

Life is a silly business. It is often ridiculous. The stupidest seeming, most hilarious pieces of film and literature are often the ones that are most true to reality. It’s easy to laugh at life. It’s easy to take a circumstance that could be tragic or awful, and find it amusing. To find something in […]


Five Great Emma Watson Quotes To Make You Think

Having caught the world’s attention as the bright-eyed, bushy-haired Hermione Granger, Emma Watson has remained the darling of British celebrity since the conclusion of the Harry Potter film franchise. She has been noted for her intelligence and compassion and progressive attitude towards sensitive global issues. She has made eloquent speeches about human rights and equality […]


Letting Go Of Your Mask

  It’s a nice idea to think that we are all blessed with total autonomy, that every choice we make is completely our own. But it’s no secret that this is effectively only a pleasant fantasy, even outside of determination theories. Social pressure affects all of us on varying levels. For some people, it defines […]

Anxiety – The Monster Has No Teeth

Anxiety – The Monster Who Has No Teeth

“After you die, you’ll wake up in a dark place. Out of the darkness, a terrifying monster will suddenly appear. The monster will represent all the worst fears you’ve ever had. For each person, the monster will be different, since we all have different fears and vulnerabilities.   When the monster appears, you’ll have two […]

Panic in the Night

Panic in the Night

  3:19 am –  “Why do I always get stuck with this?! Eff me.” Tossing over onto his back, he felt the fear rising up the back of his neck and yanked his blanket up over his legs. “Eff me.  Eff me. Eff me. I don’t wanna deal with this today. I don’t need this […]

How to Admit You Are Scared

How to Admit You Are Scared

Everyone assumes that things are going to start making sense soon. It’s a feeling you start having when you’re a tiny little kid. When all you know is eating and sleeping and crying, and everyone around you has so much more going on. You assume, with every birthday you hit, that this will be the […]