Depression and Debt: The Psychological and Emotional Impact of Insolvency

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Personal debt is a growing problem in the UK. An increasing number of people are running up bills and spending beyond their means. People find themselves in debt for a multitude of reasons. Some might be desperately trying to keep up with the Jones’. Some might be trying to provide the best for their family. Others might have simply gone…


School Bullying and Suicide

Depression, Life, Mind September 14, 2016 1 Comment

It came as quite a shock to me to hear on the local radio station that a 14 year child at my old primary school here in Cape Town South Africa had committed suicide, with the cause being reported that he was being bullied by his teachers. “The boy, who committed suicide at his home last week, was apparently being…

The Wisdom of OWLS Finding Liberation From Conflict And Suffering

The Wisdom of OWLS – Finding Liberation from Conflict and Suffering

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Revised October 2017 Have you ever watched an owl in the wild? They seem to have endless potential for just sitting, observing, watching – turning their heads 360 degrees on whatever it is that has captured their attention. “Sometimes, simply by sitting, the soul collects wisdom” – Zen proverb There are many wisdom sayings and stories that use the actual…