How to Eat Consciously

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  One of the wonderful gifts of being human is the pleasure we can get from food. All of the flavors and textures that can be found in the different ethnic foods we eat are almost magical. The range of possibilities seems endless; spicy and sweet or pungent and sour, creamy or light, to name a few.  We live in…


Fun Activities for Physical and Mental Fitness

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Everyone knows that yoga and meditation are among the most beneficial activities when it comes to both physical and mental fitness, but one question inevitably arises – are there more of them that lead to similar results? Of course, there are! If you want to learn more about fun activities that will improve your health and help you be at…


Benefits of Yoga in Relieving Anxiety and Depression

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Depression is one of the most prevalent mental health disorders. The underlying mechanism of depression are still poorly understood, but we do know that stress can be the principal cause in the development of depression. Standard medication treatment is still rather ineffective and only partially alleviates the symptoms. On the other hand, the correlation between yoga and reduced symptoms of…


How Can Food Impact Your Mood?

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Our mood swings about a million times a day – and that’s when we’re not under stress, in pain, annoyed or irritated, and that’s just the way it is. With so many different impulses affecting our nervous system all day long, it’s only expected not to be in the same mood from morning ‘till night. But, is there a way…


Healing After Surgery: Things You Need to Know About Your Diet and Nutrition

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Invasive or not, a surgical procedure is a shock for your whole body and therefore, everything linked to it should be treated with utmost care and concern. The idea is that everything you do prior to and after the surgery should promote better healing, quicker results and hopefully a healthy lifestyle you’ll be happy with. WHY IS NUTRITION IMPORTANT? Primarily,…

Ways Stress Affects Our Bodies

Ways Stress Affects Our Bodies

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We all know stress quite well. It doesn’t feel good and we definitely aren’t fond of it. You’ve probably heard that stress can lead to actual health problems that transcend psychology and delve deep into the physical aspects of our daily lives. But how do we cope with stress? Sometimes a glass of wine and taking a powernap isn’t enough…