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How To Deal With Grief After The Loss Of A Loved One

Grief is a profound and overwhelming feeling of loss which happens after the death of a loved one, but can also be the result of a life-altering event such as a divorce, break-up, or even losing a job. If you’re looking for help on how to deal with grief, we have a few tips in […]

Depression and anxiety:  How to ease the symptoms

Anxiety is as common as the cold in the modern world, and depression is not that far from the annual flu. Although we can’t say these disorders are more common today than they used to be, we know that diagnostic techniques have been improved and that today we have better ways to spot and treat […]

Meditation and the Benefits Of Mindfulness

9 Benefits Of Mindfulness for PTSD, addiction, and depression

Mindfulness has become a trend that has gotten the attention of many people. Once a sacred practice – such as mindfulness – becomes popularized, the depth can be lost in translation. In order to return to what made this holistic practice popular, let’s take a look at these 9 benefits of Mindfulness, the meaning of […]

Art Therapy Could Help Ease Your Depression

Depression can be an isolating, disorienting and profoundly painful experience, robbing you of your capacity to feel joy, happiness and the will to live. Creating art is one of the depression treatments that has been shown to have highly therapeutic effects on psychological health. According to research, art making can significantly influence our physical and […]

Magnesium and Brain Health

Magnesium and Brain Health; Evidence – Based Health Benefits Most of us know that we need to have a balanced diet rich with various nutrients in order to be healthy. And we also know that the food we eat helps us with our brains as well as our bodies – you feel more awake and […]

Say ‘Yes’ to What Is

“Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.” Buddha Just when you think life can’t get any more chaotic, challenging or seemingly ridiculous, it does. Life’s like that! Where I live in Canada, tornadoes are rare. Recently, though, and all at once, six tornados sliced devastating paths of destruction through our tiny rural […]

How To Help Someone With Anxiety

How To Help Someone With Anxiety

Anxiety is something quite prevalent in today’s world; or has it always been there? Do you know how to help someone with anxiety? As the stigma of mental health is in rapid decline, people are being more open about it, increasing our understanding of various stages and types of anxiety, and ways of treating it. […]

How To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

More than ever we need strategies and tips on How To Reduce Stress and Anxiety. Everyday tasks, work, love and even people can cause stress. The tension and inner restlessness robs us of energy and valuable resources that are essential if we want to stay balanced and healthy and avoid anxiety. These are my tips for How […]

In the Stillness

As spiritual seekers and practitioners, we hear the adages of “everything happens for a reason”, “there is good in every struggle”, “some things fall apart so better things can fall together”, “remove the negativity to make space for the positive”.  Such words inspire us to make change. But sometimes, when we face change, we quickly […]

Benefits of Yoga in Relieving Anxiety and Depression

Depression is one of the most prevalent mental health disorders. The underlying mechanism of depression are still poorly understood, but we do know that stress can be the principal cause in the development of depression. Standard medication treatment is still rather ineffective and only partially alleviates the symptoms. On the other hand, the correlation between […]

Our Defective Response To Stress And Anxiety

Seeing my mom slowly weaken and die in front of my eyes left a deep and lasting hole in my heart. The doctors couldn’t believe someone so young fell ill to a disease that mostly strikes the elderly. It just didn’t make sense to them. My mom and I were very close. We both knew […]


30 Inspirational Quotes For Anxiety Sufferers

Anxiety is common in today’s society, it will reach all of us at some point in life, and it’s for this reason that we have comprised a list of our favourite inspirational quotes for anxiety sufferers. Whether it is due to circumstances at work or school, problems in relationships or with money, or just life […]