Why Are You So Angry

Why Are You So Angry?

What happened to you to make you want to hurt people like that? How have reached a stage of life where you feel comfortable discussing the deepest subjects known to humanity – politics, religion, philosophy – but cannot do so without insulting the other people involved? Of course, it’s easy to vent your anger on […]

How to Finish an Argument

How to Finish an Argument

Regardless of what you or anyone else believes, there are two fundamental truths that pretty much everyone can agree on. Firstly, that everyone sees the world differently, from their own unique perspective, altered by their own view, experiences and memory. Secondly, that nobody in perfect. This is why there is conflict in society. Sometimes, people […]

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3 Reasons Why Meditation Will Do Wonders For Your Creativity

Creativity is one of the most awesome and God-like qualities that we have. It gives us the power to imagine up life-changing books, websites, breathtaking paintings, beautiful songs, or thought-provoking films from scratch. It allows us to bring masterpieces to life from nothing. Because our creativity is so powerful and world-changing, many of us will […]

Six Things to Consider Before Cutting Someone Out

Six Things To Consider Before Cutting Someone Out

Unhealthy relationships can cause a lot of pain in a person’s life. They can leech the joy out of what should be some of the greatest moments you could ever experience. Some people insist on remaining in your life even though they bring nothing positive to yourself. They drain your time and affection and resources […]

Stop Attaching yourself to bad memories that could trigger depression

Stop Attaching Yourself To Bad Memories That Could Trigger Depression

  To promote your business, site or blog on our site Click Here. We all have stories to tell. That’s part of the beauty of being human. We each have different experiences with our own unique perspectives to share. We become closer to other people when we share our stories. The more we share, the more […]

Malice And Neglect

Malice And Neglect

To promote your own business, site or blog on our site Click Here. People have a terrible habit of hurting each other. Of doing stupid, selfish things that make other people miserable. Of tearing apart relationships that they cherish for no apparent reason. Every time one person chooses to trust any other, they’ve giving that person […]

Still faking it after all these years

Still Faking It After All These Years

I did something the other day that I haven’t had to do in a while. And it wasn’t comfortable. My daughter had been out with a friend on a playdate. When the girl’s father brought Norah home, I stepped outside to say hello and thank him. He asked me how work was going, and I […]

how to embrace conflict

How To Embrace Conflict

On every level of the scale, conflict divides mankind. When handled improperly – childish or maliciously – it can destroy even the sturdiest of connections. It can tear apart relationships between friends, families and even countries. It seems ridiculous to think of it as the kind of thing anyone would want to embrace. And, yes, […]

The Joy of Complaining

The Joy Of Complaining

You sometimes wish you didn’t, but you complain a lot. Your job is stressful. Your rent is too high. Food costs too much. Taxes are too high. People on the bus are annoying. Drivers on the road are inconsiderate. Your friends are annoying. Your meal was cold when it reached your table, which was doubly […]


Can Destruction Really Heal?

You’re hurt. You have been wronged. And you are mad. You want vengeance for the slight against you. You are angry and you are prepared to fight for your honour back and you are Batman. You want to hit something and you want it to have the face of whoever has made you feel like […]


It’s Actions That Matter

The world is a very different place on the inside of your mind. Perception plays a huge role in the formation of a person’s attitude and approach to life. If you think someone is being sarcastic and rude, you might end up feeling insulted by what was meant as a genuine compliment. Or if someone […]


How To Use Anger

More dangerous than greed or desire or power, anger is the single most destructive force an individual can experience. It is a poison that damages first on impact and lingers until all of the joy and vitality is sucked out of a life. Everyone gets angry on occasion. The imperfect, entropic nature of life makes […]