The Zen of Disaster

The Zen of Disaster A fire that started around midnight in Imizamo Yethu (Xhosa, meaning “Our Efforts” and commonly known as Mandela Park) Informal Settlement, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa has destroyed thousands of homes and left thousands homeless and destitute. This weekend in Cape Town brought the concept of Zen into stark reality. Cape Town is home […]

Start the conversation that you need to…

There is a reason why people are comfortable talking about the weather to pretty much anyone. It’s because that conversation has no substance. You both know full well what the weather is like, you’re both there experiencing it. Discussing it isn’t going to change it, it’s not going to educate either one of you. It’s […]

A Path for Peace

A Path for Peace “We will never have peace in the world until we have peace in ourselves, in our families and in our communities.” ~Dalai Lama If you are connected through any online social media networks, you may notice that there is an increasingly vocal focus on the need for world peace. There is […]

Taboo or Mainstream: Tattoos and Society

Throughout history, tattoos have raised a fair share of eyebrows, not leaving a single person indifferent. As one of the oldest forms of art, tattoos have always been a part of different societies, but their meaning and the attitudes towards them have changed. Although they were often believed to be a passing fad, it seems […]

Travel as Therapy: Introvert-Friendly Destinations

“’Come out of your shell’ – that noxious expression which fails to appreciate that some animals naturally carry shelter everywhere they go and some humans are just the same.” ~ Susan Cain Incoming conference call beeping on Skype. Facebook notifications popping on your PC screen. smartphone reminders pinging round the clock. Printers whirring. A PM […]

What to Eat to Avoid Going to the Eye Doctor

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to start turning things around and start eating healthy. When it comes to taking care of your eyes and postponing wearing glasses as much as possible, carrots seem like a good solution. But, eating your way to good eyesight is about much more than […]

Dispelling the Myths: Ending Relationships With Honesty

It’s difficult to end relationships. It means hurting someone’s feelings and, worse than that, someone you cared about once, even if you don’t so much any more. It means having to be honest with someone about their flaws – which, let’s face it, people aren’t very good at these days. We’re too used to offering […]

Understanding You Don’t Understand

For the most part, people tend to experience the world fairly similarly. We take it for granted that we see colours and taste food and smell scents in roughly the same way. We can agree upon descriptions of various experiences, in a way that makes it easy to convey information and to learn from each […]

How to Read Self-Help Books

Books that focus on self-help and personal development can offer a really interesting view into the way other people both see and treat the world. It can provide you with a new understanding of problem solving that you might not have considered before. Sometimes, just flicking through them is enough. Experiencing a new perspective might […]

Dispelling the Myths: Your Commitment, Your Choice

There’s no point entering into a relationship unless you’re prepared to treat it as a real commitment. Otherwise, you may as well not bother making the effort to distinguish it from any other connection you have with friends and acquaintances. The whole point in choosing a relationship to be more special to you than others […]

Our Defective Response To Stress And Anxiety

Seeing my mom slowly weaken and die in front of my eyes left a deep and lasting hole in my heart. The doctors couldn’t believe someone so young fell ill to a disease that mostly strikes the elderly. It just didn’t make sense to them. My mom and I were very close. We both knew […]

New Year’s Resolutions – the Nutrition Edition

  With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it’s high time you’ve made some New Year’s resolutions and decided how to behave and what to do in the following year. However, while these decisions are important and worthy of your time, there’s something even more significant – your health and nutrition. If you don’t eat enough […]