The Power of Grace and Gratitude

“When there is darkness, dare to be the first to shine a light.” Steve Maraboli Life’s experiences – the good, the bad, and the indifferent – are ever-changing; they ebb and flow. Realizing that is actually the first step for us in finding balance in our daily lives and in life’s experiences, which can (and often […]

Why Change is so Challenging

It’s not about enlightenment; rather transformation: moving into compassion for self and for others Whether mindful living and meditation is new to you, or, like me, you have been practicing for quite some time, life’s challenges, both positive and negative, can often catch us off-guard, create stress, and send us into unpleasant or even dark […]

5 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Wedding

The average cost of a UK wedding is over £27,000. While help from parents and savings can go a long way, there is no doubt that the cost of a wedding causes some stress for potential brides and grooms. The cost, coupled with the debate about who to invite, the venue and when to have […]

Fun Activities for Physical and Mental Fitness

Everyone knows that yoga and meditation are among the most beneficial activities when it comes to both physical and mental fitness, but one question inevitably arises – are there more of them that lead to similar results? Of course, there are! If you want to learn more about fun activities that will improve your health […]

How Switching to Organic Lifestyle will Change Your Life

When the organic trend took over, many wondered how long the lifespan of this ‘fad’ will be. Years of benefits later, people are becoming increasingly aware that this is not a trend; it’s a genuine lifestyle that we should all jump on board with. Now, before we begin exploring the ever-expanding universe of the organic […]

The Connection Between Depression and Bad Oral Health

  Many people think that oral health can only be harmed by poor dental hygiene, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Teeth, gums, and other parts of your mouth are connected to the rest of your body the same way your nose and lungs are. That means that some diseases can affect your […]

Moving to a New City? 5 Tips to Make it Stress-Free

Moving to a different city isn’t just about physical relocation of a person or a family, it also marks a significant emotional shift. You see, the longer you live at a certain location the more emotionally involved you will become in it. Over the course of years, it will no longer be a house or […]

Benefits of Yoga in Relieving Anxiety and Depression

Depression is one of the most prevalent mental health disorders. The underlying mechanism of depression are still poorly understood, but we do know that stress can be the principal cause in the development of depression. Standard medication treatment is still rather ineffective and only partially alleviates the symptoms. On the other hand, the correlation between […]

Eating Right for Every Season

There’s a saying which claims that we are what we eat, but is this really true? Well, that’s debatable, but one thing is certain – the foods we eat affect us much more than we can possibly imagine. Many people are talking about seasonal eating these days, and if you want to know what it’s […]

Declutter your Living Space for a Peace of Mind

Apart from your office, your home is where you spend most of your time, and a messy and cluttered home can add to your daily stress. Here are some tips on how to declutter your living space and get some peace of mind. HOW TO GET STARTED? You will need only 10 minutes a day […]

How to Deal With the Psychological Stress of Unemployment

If you’ve lost your job, you’re probably dealing with a number of emotions, the mixture of which is hard to contend with. You’re suffering from the loss of your professional identity, your daily routine has been upended and you might be struggling with a lack of self-esteem. When you add to this a loss of […]

Learning to Love Your Bad Decisions

No one gets everything right the first time round. At the very least, most people don’t. And the ones who do tend to end up with an unrealistic view of the world. Making the wrong decision – sometimes, making the outright worst decision possible, making truly awful decisions that, in hindsight, make no sense at […]