8 Recreational Sports that are Great for Your Psychical and Mental Health

We all know that engaging in physical activity is important for our health, but not everyone is born a pro athlete. However, you don’t have to be Tiger Woods to start playing golf, or David Beckham to enjoy soccer. Recreational sports also positively affect our bodies and minds. Here are the eight best recreational sports […]

The Pitfalls of Healthy Hedonism in the Music Industry

The music industry reportedly has an above-average number of mental health issues in the UK alone (study by Help Musicians UK 2016). At the same time, the topic has come to the forefront a lot more since 2016 on a global level, together with a growth in understanding and lessening the stigma, thanks to artists […]

Dealing with Depression in the Elderly

Young people tend to consider old age a rather sad period in life – being old means a less fit body and mind. However, biology has its way of dealing with this; depression is definitely not a normal part of ageing. Senior depression is treatable if the right support, treatment and self-help strategies are provided. […]

Health & Well-being: Energised, Happy, Productive – Is It Really That Hard?

Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the modern society, it’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. While putting all our efforts in creating a perfect life for the future, we often forget to appreciate the present and neglect our own well-being. Even if we manage […]

How to Improve Your Posture Overnight

When it comes to flexibility, stress relief, health, spirituality, and posture – yoga is a discipline that makes the world of difference. Yoga enthusiasts cumulate hours on the yoga mat stretching tired limbs and strengthening weak muscles. Yoga teaches us the art of breathing correctly, clearing our minds, and rejuvenating our bodies. So why do […]

Make Your Yoga Mat a World Traveller (Exotic Destinations to Take Your Yoga Mat to)

Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash Take a deep breath and forget about all of your worries as you admire the panoramic views of some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Close your eyes as you slowly exhale while soaking in the sun at a distant exotic island. Let yourself be inspired as you create […]

7 Ways You Can Use Writing To Increase Your Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the art of keeping yourself in the here and now, and letting your problems go. It’s a great way to keep yourself stress-free in a world that piles more pressure on you day after day. Did you know that writing is a fantastic tool for mindfulness? Here’s 7 ways you can use it […]

How to Eat Consciously

  One of the wonderful gifts of being human is the pleasure we can get from food. All of the flavors and textures that can be found in the different ethnic foods we eat are almost magical. The range of possibilities seems endless; spicy and sweet or pungent and sour, creamy or light, to name […]

It Is Never Too Late to Change Your Career to Something You Love

Have you ever heard the sentence “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”? It is a great advice given by Confucius, and it can be followed during any period of your life. With numerous studies showing the growing level of workplace stress (40% of workers […]

Finding Your Way

Life has always been likened to a journey; long and treacherous, with lots of bumps along the way. Where everything comes your way; the good, the bad and the ugly, so they say. It has its ups and downs, throws you a curve ball every once in a while, and even has moments of elation […]

Is Lack of Oxygen One of the Causes of Depression?

Mental health is something that a lot of people neglect. Somehow, when people experience physical pain, they immediately go to the doctor. However, when it comes to mental problems like depression or anxiety, it’s like people are ashamed to admit that they are suffering. This is mainly the fault of our society and the lack […]

The Trouble with Expectations

“My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.” [The Science of Second-Guessing (New York Times Magazine Interview, December 12, 2004)]  ~ Stephen Hawking ~ Once upon a time… and they lived happily ever after. Is that familiar to you? Many of us believe that we are conditioned, […]