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How To Help Someone With Anxiety

How To Help Someone With Anxiety

Anxiety By July 26, 2018

Anxiety is something quite prevalent in today’s world; or has it always been there? Do you know how to help someone with anxiety? As the stigma of mental health is in rapid decline, people are being more open about it, increasing our understanding of various stages and types of anxiety, and ways of treating it. If a loved one you…


How to Maintain Your Yoga Practice While You Travel

Spirit, Yoga By June 29, 2018 Tags: , ,

Travelling helps you find yourself and acquire broad, wholesome views of humanity. While exciting and inspiring, it can shake up your yoga routine. Of course, the benefits of the adventure outweigh its downsides, but straying away from your regular yoga practice can be stressful. So, for all you yoginis out there who would prefer not to be thrown off track…

Early Signs of Dementia to look out for

Early Signs of Dementia

Mind By June 5, 2018

The very thought that you might one day lose all your memories to dementia is frightening, and it’s no wonder so many people fear it, but what are the Early Signs Of Dementia? Some forgetfulness is common in the old age, but dementia is more than that: it’s a loss of memory, judgement, as well as language, and the condition…


5 Simple Ways to Avoid Stress on Your Wedding Day

Life, Stress By April 13, 2018 Tags: , , , , ,

Weddings are undoubtedly, one of the most special affairs in one’s life but like every good thing in life, the excitement and elation come with their own share of stress and anxiety. Since it is one of the most significant days of your life you want everything to be perfect and flawless on your wedding day. This naturally creates an excess…


Forget Hope

Life, Mind By March 12, 2018

What if we forget hope? Does that seem cynical? It’s not. Allow me to explain. Often, we react to life’s difficulties or disappointments by throwing up our arms and exclaiming, “I give up!” But, when I suggest that we “forget hope”, giving up is not what I mean. Our physical brain is hard-wired to continuously seek a state of comfort…