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How To Deal With Grief After The Loss Of A Loved One

Grief is a profound and overwhelming feeling of loss which happens after the death of a loved one, but can also be the result of a life-altering event such as a divorce, break-up, or even losing a job. If you’re looking for help on how to deal with grief, we have a few tips in […]

How to Talk with Your Parent about Their Health 

As our parents grow older, it’s common for health problems to appear and naturally, we want to support them every step of the way. However, a person’s health can be a sensitive topic. It can be challenging to approach this conversation with care — especially if they don’t want to discuss it. There’s no need […]

Depression and anxiety:  How to ease the symptoms

Anxiety is as common as the cold in the modern world, and depression is not that far from the annual flu. Although we can’t say these disorders are more common today than they used to be, we know that diagnostic techniques have been improved and that today we have better ways to spot and treat […]

7 Psychological Benefits Of Travel: Prevent Anxiety

Aside from being unbelievably fun and exciting, travelling is good for both body and soul. It will get your body to burn those calories, but more importantly, it will also affect your mental health in many positive ways. Here are all the mental health benefits you can reap from your love of travel. IT BOOSTS […]

Combatting Negative Thinking in Recovery

Negative thinking can be poisonous to the mental well being of even the healthiest of individuals. It can hold you back from achieving your full potential, diminish your self-worth, and reduce happiness. For individuals in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, negative thinking often precedes a relapse. It is easy to get caught up in […]

Meditation and the Benefits Of Mindfulness

9 Benefits Of Mindfulness for PTSD, addiction, and depression

Mindfulness has become a trend that has gotten the attention of many people. Once a sacred practice – such as mindfulness – becomes popularized, the depth can be lost in translation. In order to return to what made this holistic practice popular, let’s take a look at these 9 benefits of Mindfulness, the meaning of […]

Silence can be Deafening

In 2015, one of my worst nightmares became a reality when my ears started ringing. And I instantly wished for a volume button to turn it off. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. As a professional working in the music industry, hearing damage, or worse, hearing loss, causes a lot of anxiety, which is all too […]

How to Warmly Connect with Older People

Loneliness is seen by many as one of the largest health concerns we face in the UK — it affects roughly nine million people, with half a million older people going at least five or six days a week without seeing or speaking to anyone at all. Older people are especially vulnerable to loneliness and […]

Yoga: 6 Poses To Boost Your Mood

Yoga is a holistic art of healing and there are numerous yoga poses that can work miracles on the mind and body and help restore calmness, harmony, happiness and bring positivity. Here are the six yoga poses that can boost your mood… BALASANA (child’s pose) Balasana is restorative, as it relaxes the entire being and […]

Steps to Help Prevent Mental Disorders in Older Adults

According to research, most mental disorder prevention efforts have focused on children and young adults in order to ensure a positive start of their lives. This left older adults to battle their mental health issues and try to minimize their effects. However, there are things you can do to help prevent mental disorders in older […]

How Effective Is Aromatherapy for Managing Depression

Organic compounds found in essential oils are used in the process of aromatherapy as the scents emitted from those compounds seem to have a certain effect on a person’s mood and mental/emotional well-being. There are various methods for using essential oils for aromatherapy as well. The important thing is to find the scent or the […]

Staring Death in the Eyes, Mindfully

Written March 2019 If you’ve read any of my (many) articles posted to Daily Zen, you’ll know how passionate I am about living and teaching mindfulness and meditation as a foundation for our individual and collective well-being. My own journey of over ten years has taught me many principles and truths, and provided me with […]