This site is run by me (Beth) and my partner James. After living out in Australia for 15 months and then returning to England to a small country village to live and work in the village pub, we both started to become very bored and were losing the enthusiasm we had when we left Australia for a new start in England.

James and I decided we would like to start a project to keep ourselves busy. The both of us agreed we wanted the project to be something online, something we can do from home, something that would benefit and help other people and something we can fit around our lives.

The opportunity then arose for us to live and work in Central London at a pub, and of course feeling all excited we both agreed and moved down within the next two weeks. After settling into London we both got cracking on a website, a website called Daily Zen.

After living in London for 5 months we decided we needed to dedicate more time on the website. With both of us working lots of hours at a pub in london it didn’t leave us with much time for the site! So we decided to save all of our wages up, and did this for another 4 months or so, putting every penny and tip from the pub away into a jar! With that money we booked a flight to Spain, we paid his parents rent to stay at there house over in Spain, paid for the site to keep running and our writers and a few bacon baps here and there. We dedicated our time to what we wanted to do! We are so pleased with what we have managed to achieve so far!

James and I have always been interested in this sort of thing. I have grown up with it, my mum running a spiritual shop and doing regular meditations, and for James he became interested in the buddhist culture and how they lived so peacefully and at ease. James suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, so for him he found comfort in how they lived and found meditation to really help him relax.

We both appreciate how stressful life can get sometimes and how even the little things can really get you down, if we can make your day even a little less stressful or ease the crazy thoughts going round in your head by showing you ways to deal with it, or If we can encourage you to have a positive outlook on life and people around you then we feel we have achieved what we set out to achieve!

Here at Daily Zen we wish to encourage wellbeing and hope to bring a little more joy into your lives. We have lots of ideas for the future and look forward to watching the site develop and grow into something wonderful. We have a beautiful writer who writes some of our blog posts for us, Kirstie Summers. She is fantastic and has done so much for us already. We now have a new writer called Jason Large. Jason writes blog posts for us about his own experiences dealing with anxiety and depression. Another beautiful writer who we can’t wait to see more from!

We look forward to seeing our team grow and getting more people involved!

We have a Contact Us page which can be used for anything from general enquiries to asking for help.

If you would like to get involved, do not hesitate to get in touch.


James & Beth x