Aside from being unbelievably fun and exciting, travelling is good for both body and soul. It will get your body to burn those calories, but more importantly, it will also affect your mental health in many positive ways. Here are all the mental health benefits you can reap from your love of travel.


You can feel the effects of travelling not only during your trip but before you embark and after you get home. All the excitement and anticipation of travel can boost your mood and make you happier. Many people are at their happiest while travelling and planning their vacation! During that time, they also take better care of their health, economic situation and general lifestyle. We get more happiness out of travelling, planning and anticipating a trip than out of buying possessions.


If you just need some time away from your work, from your chores and your friends and family, go on a trip! This will allow you to concentrate only on what’s in front of you. A shortlist of activities on your trip will also allow you to change your regular routine and feel much better about your day. Many people report that they feel like better partners, workers, friends and parents after they de-stress on their trip.


The act of travelling can be very calming and meditative. No matter if you’re travelling by car and enjoying an open road in front of you or if you’re looking out of the bus window, you will have plenty of time to reflect. Probably the best way to get some one-on-one with nature is by hiking and camping. All you need is some good gear, good willpower and you’re set. Don’t forget to dress well, especially your feet. You can even stay sustainable with your clothing and choose bamboo women’s socks that will ensure comfort yet allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. In order to really connect with nature, meditate and relax, you need to stay comfortable and warm.


Our brains are very sensitive to change and new environments and situations. These changes can give you a huge creative boost, especially if you really immerse yourself in the local people, culture and lifestyle. This will also open up your mind and influence your own outlook on life. Practicing creativity is similar to practicing meditation and mindfulness, so if you can spark your creativity, it will have a great effect on your mental health.


Travelling with someone, no matter if your partner, friend or parent, will make your relationship stronger. Sharing adventures will not only make couples closer thanks to the perception of sharing interests and goals, but it can also rekindle a romantic spark. Also, overcoming various obstacles and planning a joined trip will make you a stronger couple who mastered healthy communication. Having healthy and strong relationships has a great effect on one’s mental health and can provide a good boost in confidence.


Going somewhere unknown where you feel both excited and scared can help you get out of your comfort zone and toughen up mentally and emotionally. Many people just can’t imagine themselves travelling the world. But, once they try, they love it and they see that they are tougher than they thought they were. It does wonders for confidence.


When you combine all of those things listed above that travelling does to your brain, you can see how big the effect it can have on one’s life. Getting out of your comfort zone, adapting to cultural differences, opening your mind and meeting new people can add a whole new dimension to your personality. Most importantly, this ability to adapt and overcome will make you less sensitive to day-to-day changes which can significantly improve your stability, agreeableness and your personality.

If you have a serious case of wanderlust, don’t resist it—your mental health will thank you. When you travel, you will not only return home with many new and exciting memories but also gain new emotional and mental stability and improved mood. So, grab your suitcases, book your trip and do something amazing for your mental health!

Diana Smith

Author Bio – Diana Smith is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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