Travelling helps you find yourself and acquire broad, wholesome views of humanity. While exciting and inspiring, it can shake up your yoga routine. Of course, the benefits of the adventure outweigh its downsides, but straying away from your regular yoga practice can be stressful. So, for all you yoginis out there who would prefer not to be thrown off track by the planes, flight delays, small hotel rooms, busy tour programs, and being always on the move, here are some tips that will help you maintain your yoga practice despite the hectic schedule.


You probably won’t be able to fit in your usual yoga practice, especially if it lasts for an hour or more, but that’s O.K. You need to be easy on yourself. Set a goal you think you can achieve and stick to it. Fifteen minutes of yoga practice a day is better than no yoga at all, right?


Some yoga postures are challenging to perform, they take a lot of time and require ample space. These are the asanas you should leave for when you’re at home. For your trip, chose a straightforward routine that doesn’t require a lot of effort or time.


It’s easy to let go and feel comfy in the hotel robe or the hot tub, but remember all the good things that you feel and that happen to you because of yoga. It is something that can be done anyplace, anytime. Standing poses like Warrior Two, tree pose, and Trikonasana can be done even in the smallest of spaces.


Yoga doesn’t require a lot of equipment, and a lot of things, like a mat, can be improvised out of a hotel towel, but if you think you really need it, you can save space by packing it in your carry-on. You can ask during the booking whether the hotel offers yoga equipment for guests. Also, bring versatile clothes that are comfy for both practice and city tours.


Some hotels simply lack the proper vibe for yoga practice. Try to avoid those that are overwhelmed with technology and lack natural light, outdoor space, and pleasant vibe in general. Try to look past the popular hotel brands which mostly host businessmen, and research something more alternative. You might find The Contemporary Hotels offer interesting because their properties provide privacy and particularly yoga-friendly environment.


Some destinations are more inspiring for creating a mind-body connection because they allow you to soak in nature, fresh air, and fascinating surroundings. When thinking about your next vacation, make sure you consider the spiritual side of the location and select the perfect place for a yogini.


Yoga and technology do not have to be enemies. On the contrary, a yoga app can motivate and remind you to meet your daily routine even when you would rather take a free city tour, go hiking, or soak in the hotel pool. If you are a beginner and used to take lessons from a professional, it can also provide you with guidance.


People do all sorts of things when they travel to experience the local culture and have fun. They take cooking lessons, make candles, and pick apples. Why wouldn’t you check the area you are staying in for some yoga classes and give them a try?

Maintaining a yoga practice while you travel is challenging, but not impossible. Consider the tips we gave you above and try to follow them. You have nothing to lose. On the contrary, we all know travels can be stressful, and staying on track with your yoga routine will help you manage that stress better.

Marie Nieves,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Marie Nieves is a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels, she likes to read poetry and prose and to surf the Internet. Her favourite writer is Tracy Chevalier and she always carries one of her books in her bag. She is an avid lover of photography who loves to talk about her experiences.