All over the world, there are a lot of people who meditate on a daily basis, using meditation to boost their mood, become centred and keep a wide range of health problems at a safe distance. Physical exercise is just as popular, allowing people of various ages and occupations to maintain an excellent state of health. You might not be aware of this for a fact but the combination of meditation and physical training can be even more beneficial for your body and mind.

According to a study which was published in Translational Psychiatry, those who engage in meditation and aerobic exercise have a lot to gain. Not only is the risk of depression reduced to a minimum but it has been confirmed that these combined activities can stimulate and enhance the overall brain activity. While meditation has benefits to offer when mental health is concerned, aerobic exercises are one of the best ways to engage in physical training.


Meditation can be used to reduce stress levels and to become more mindful. It can help those who work in high-risk professions, preventing problems such as depression, emotional exhaustion and anxiety. Practised on a regular basis, meditation enhances the quality of life and helps one to better cope with everyday stressful situations. You can use it to train your mind to follow a positive direction of thought, gaining a new perspective on life. It calms the mind and brings clarity, helping you feel better overall.


Physical exercise, regardless of the preferred workout, is beneficial for both the body and the mind. Workouts can improve the breathing capacity, increase the resistance to physical stress and prevent musculoskeletal disorders. It helps the muscles stay active and the joints lubricated, it gets the blood going and it reduces all of the risks associated with leading a sedentary lifestyle. It is one of the most efficient and natural ways to increase stamina, filling you with energy. It also has a positive effect whereas mental health is concerned, stimulating the release of happy hormones in the brain.

It has also been discovered that physical exercise is beneficial for sexual health, stimulating the release of testosterone and also the libido. These are guaranteed to bring a positive change whereas such matters are concerned.


The adult brain stands a lot to gain from the combination of medication and physical exercise. It is recommended that one opts for focused-attention meditation, combining it with a session of aerobic exercise (preferably of moderate intensity). Attempted on a regular basis, this combination will prevent depression and negative thinking, having a positive effect on the overall mood.

It has often been determined that meditation and physical exercise are beneficial for the brain. However, it was only recently that it was discovered that by combining them, you can actually improve your health. As the latest studies have pointed out, you can gain control over thought processes and eliminate the ruminative thought patterns (often responsible for depression and anxiety).


The rule to follow is simple. Each day, you begin with a meditation session, which can last for about half an hour. You can then engage in a session of physical training, such as aerobic exercise, for a similar amount of time.

First part – Focused-Attention Meditation

Focused-attention meditation is widely recommended, due to the beneficial effects it has on both cognitive and emotional health. It can help you improve your mood and avoid negative traits, such as the ones related to depression and anxiety. It refers to paying attention to the small things, on purpose, leading to improvements in thought processes and emotional well-being. It can even help with physical conditions, accompanied by chronic pain.

During the meditation session, you can choose a comfortable position and concentrate on your breathing. Avoid paying attention to your thoughts, especially those related to your past or future. Return to your breath and concentrate on breathing in and breathing out. You can switch from sitting to walking meditation, acknowledging that all thoughts pass and there is no need to spend all of your energy focused on them.

Second part – Aerobic Exercise

Not only can this help with depression but it has plenty of benefits to offer for the general health. With regard to the preferred physical training, you might want to give aerobic exercise a try. Consider in particular the cardiovascular advantages, starting with the prevention of coronary heart disease and other additional health risks (diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, etc.).

You can begin the physical exercise session with a quick warm-up, as this will get your blood pumping and it will help you be prepared for the actual training. Recommended choices include the treadmill or cycle ergometer. In deciding on the intensity of training, you should take your current level of fitness into consideration. When the session is over, allow your body a couple of minutes to cool down and recover from the exercise.

The best of both worlds

The combination of focused-attention meditation and moderate-intensity aerobic exercise brings the best of both worlds. On one hand, you engage in mental training and learn how to make a significant effort. On the other hand, physical exercise challenges your body and your mind at the same time. You get to stimulate your cognitive function, the thought process and improve your well-being, which is a huge advantage to consider.

In conclusion, if you want to improve both your physical and mental health, you should definitely consider the meditation & exercise combo. Follow the recommendations included in this article and make sure to engage in such practices on a daily basis. And, remember, it is never too late to make a change for the better and live a stress-free, peaceful existence. You only live once!

Dwayne Austin,

Daily Zen.

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