How To Reduce Stress and AnxietyMore than ever we need strategies and tips on How To Reduce Stress and Anxiety. Everyday tasks, work, love and even people can cause stress. The tension and inner restlessness robs us of energy and valuable resources that are essential if we want to stay balanced and healthy and avoid anxiety.

These are my tips for How To Reduce Stress and Anxiety:


In fear and panic, the body craves for oxygen. You breathe in quickly and even faster. Instead, inhale slowly through the nose, hold for 3 seconds and then exhale slowly through pursed lips. 


An aromatherapy massage can be very helpful in strong or lasting negative stress. The used essential oils improve the well-being and thus promote a gentle reduction of tension and pressure. In addition, the oils spray a wonderful fragrance.

Through the use of fragrance oils, not only can it help your overall well-being, but also stress and a feeling of overwork and exhaustion can be counteracted. This can be done in different ways, for example by using the essential oil as a bath additive, in a fragrance lamp or in the form of massage oil. Likewise, it can be taken in a small vial for “on the go”, for your to smell whenever you please.


An increasingly popular technique for How To Reduce Stress, is yoga – a philosophical teaching with Indian roots that includes a variety of mental and physical exercises. There are a variety of forms of yoga (eg hatha yoga, raja yoga or karma yoga), each based on its own philosophy and implementation methodology. Some focus on mental concentration while others focus on breathing (pranayama) and the body.


30 minutes of exercise daily is in most cases already enough to keep your body and soul fit and reduce stress. It is important to set (realistic) goals in terms of sporting activity because overcoming them is less difficult and increases the chance that the program will actually be adhered to.

On the other hand, if the goals are set too high, frustration quickly happens, because, in the end, motivation, time or opportunities are missing to implement the sports program. It is important to choose an activity that promises fun because it encourages motivation and helps to last longer.


Instead, eat foods that are proven to produce happy hormones (dopamine, serotonin) or reduce your stress hormones: dates, figs, cashews, grapes, etc. Even foods that neutralize the ph value in the body and thus counteract acidity are highly effective.

Basic nutrition helps you calm down the symptoms of stress, anxiety and even panic. Berries and many other natural foods that boost happiness hormones are also highly recommended.


Nature is silence. It symbolizes the most natural order in the world. If you go into nature in fearful moments, you can “calm down” again by just listening to birds chirp or rustling leaves, sitting down in the grass and looking up at the sky.

Sahil Arora,

Daily Zen.

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