I know so many people who avoid Facebook like the plague, and all of them have the same reason in common – too much drama. But I don’t have that experience at all. Every day that I log on I see articles from inspiring thought leaders, quotes from uplifting authors and historical figures I admire, positive news that makes me feel good about how much better of a place the world is becoming, growth-promoting articles that lead to valuable and life-changing insight, on and on… and this could be your experience too. You can take active steps right now to make your current Facebook feed be purely uplifting and inspiring (or create one if you don’t have one) that is a drama-free zone for you.


[dropcap]1.[/dropcap] Start by unfollowing people DAILY (psst… they will never know!). Every human being who becomes my friend on Facebook I automatically unfollow them. Yeah, it sounds harsh, but I’ll go to any extreme to take care of me and those who don’t like it (or at least respect it) likely don’t deserve my friendship anyway, digital or otherwise.  But… that’s not something I even need to worry about when unfollowing because no one will ever know who you follow or don’t on Facebook. You can unfollow people and still remain their “friend” by clicking their name in your feed on their post or searching their name in your search bar on Facebook, and going to their personal page. There click the arrow next to where it says either “see first” (or “default” if this is what their setting is already). There you will find the option to “unfollow.” Remember – they have no idea you’ve unfollowed them. You can go back to check their page every day if you wanted to know what’s going on in their lives. They can still see your posts and message you, and your Facebook friendship remains intact. You can still search them and see all of their posts. Unfollowing people you know helps for many reasons – even if this person is not a “drama lover” you’re essentially ridding your feed, that perhaps you see every day, of unnecessary distractions. The more time we spend over-involving ourselves in information not necessary to our health, well-being or positivity we signal to the Universe we aren’t ready to receive Love fully. The clear message is that we would rather be privy to unimportant information,  like what someone’s two-year-old did yesterday, what a person ate for lunch or whatever stories of lack and drama are going on in someone else’s life. We attract what we give our attention to, so the only things we want on our Facebook newsfeed (the items we scroll through to see others’ stories, articles, posts, etc.) should be related to giving back, money accumulation, positivity, uplifting and inspiring people, etc. The only people you want to follow are thought leaders you admire. We’ll talk more about that in our next step. Every person who pops up on your feed who posts information not useful to your daily life or your commitment to yourself for positivity should be unfollowed. There’s another and perhaps easier way to accomplish this as well mentioned in step 4. 

[dropcap]2.[/dropcap] Choose who you will follow – who you “follow,” on Facebook determines the articles and stories you will see when scrolling through your Facebook feed. Follow the pages and stories of those who give your life more purpose and meaning. Lots of them! Start by simply searching on Facebook for authors and speakers who are motivational… and they don’t have to be alive today! No one else will know you have them on your feed (unless you decide to share and like things from their page often, then people will assume). But, in the case that you really care who knows what you’re following on Facebook it’s a great opportunity to maybe do some emotional clearing on why you feel so attached to the judgements of others (email me, I do sessions by phone). Of course, some concern is normal and keeps us out of the class of psychopaths who only care about themselves, but to the point it stops you from “liking,” sharing or commenting on posts about the healing power of crystals (or whatever things people judge as weird) then your Spirit is communicating to you a deeper need for some attention to your loyalties to you and your love for yourself. When we choose to follow ONLY pages and people who we can learn from, we signal to the Universe our willingness to focus on only what we desire to manifest in our lives. We fill our awareness with peace, tranquility, inspiration… the keys to manifesting your best life now! I’ve provided a list of some pages you might like to follow below, and I want to hear back from you about which pages you would suggest to others. You can also search by concept like mindfulness, positive news, healing with essential oils or any type of interest that might suit you. 

[dropcap]3.[/dropcap] Continue logging on to your Facebook account regularly and eliminating the drama, hate, anger and shortage by unfollowing every person and every page on your feed that is negative or focused on lack and disconnection, or just plain superficial nothingness that doesn’t bring love or humor to your day. Unfollow just 2 pages or people each day and follow at least one new one that aligns with your desire to create Love in the world.

[dropcap]4.[/dropcap] Edit your “see first,” list. The arrow at the top right corner will give you access to “News Feed Preferences.” This is a second location where you can see who you’re following and unfollow them if they don’t contribute to the growth of you as a source of Love in the world (to do so choose the second option on the list for this called “unfollow people to hide their posts”). When you click “prioritize who to see first,” you are presented with a list of all of the pages and people you follow. Simply click on each item and it will either change to “see first,” or remove the ones you’ve been seeing first. 

[dropcap]5.[/dropcap] Lastly – don’t be so serious! Have some fun with with your page. Actually, right now set the intention to lighten up and have more fun in your life everywhere! Facebook can help you do it too! Keep an eye out for funny and silly things that make you laugh like videos of animals or babies doing funny things and types of stuff you enjoy watching or hearing like types of music (classical guitar or piano anyone?) or dance (hip hop dance vids are my favorite!) and search for Facebook pages that focus on whatever that is for you. 

The struggles and scarcity of today can embolden and inspirit us to make change in the world, a good thing, but too much exposure can make us believe the scales are tilted in favor of the losing side: lack, poverty, war, illness, arguing and hatred; when actually this isn’t the truth. Our world is getting better every day. Even in an era of mass shootings, humans are killing less humans than ever before on our planet, and those are the types of things we need to hear and read about every day so we can keep ourselves in a place of faith and inspired action. Facebook can actually help serve that purpose in our lives. Every day I log on and see stories and videos that enliven my desire for change, cheer me up when I am down, encourage me to help and support others, fortify and strengthen my love for myself and even help me with my life goals… like my goal to have more fun: hip hop dance videos and funny pet videos help me lighten up when I’m super focused or getting a little too serious. My Facebook break in the middle of the day serves as a positive elevating force in my life because I put effort in to make it that way. I take proactive steps to remove the negativity from my life. I even go on media fasts to support myself in that goal for periods of time… but we don’t have to completely remove ourselves forevermore from something like Facebook that could potentially serve as a source of motivation and even spiritual ascension to do it, we just need to alter they way we use it.



Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Certified hypnotherapist since 2004 and trauma recovery educator Jenna Allin developed Mindfulness-Based Emotional Clearing Trauma Recovery to support people in healing the wounds of the past so that they can be present in their lives today. Jenna@ManifestYourLifeNow.com