Life has always been likened to a journey; long and treacherous, with lots of bumps along the way. Where everything comes your way; the good, the bad and the ugly, so they say. It has its ups and downs, throws you a curve ball every once in a while, and even has moments of elation and extreme joy. So many of us have the belief that we are carried along by life and have little choice but to deal with it.

What if you could truly control your destiny? What if you could choose ‘the road” you want to go down? What if I told you that you could? There are things that are totally out of your control, like the family you were born into and the place where you grew up. But what if you could believe that everything else was decided by you? That you, indeed, had the choice to decide your fate? Destiny, fate, these are heavy words. Most people don’t even want to contemplate them and rather let life happen. And the truth is, life is about both allowing and choosing.

Let me explain…So many things in life are about choices; what to wear, what to eat, who to marry, etc.… but how you show up in your life is the real choice. It’s what really matters. Do you consider others? Do you think about how what you do affects others in both positive and negative ways? Do you believe there is a greater purpose for your life? And when I say greater purpose I don’t mean extraordinary in the Gandhi way, although that is certainly possible. What I’m talking about is having that sense that every day when you interact with the world you bring to it love and compassion. You could have any kind of job and show up as the loving being you were meant to be and that will touch all of the lives around you. This is what I mean by a greater purpose. It’s not about whether you should be a lawyer, teacher, mother or wife. It’s about loving fiercely and connecting with this beautiful universe that is ours!

Life will undoubtedly bring all the usual things to every one of us; happiness and heartache, health and sickness, abundance and loss and so much more. But how you decide to show up for all of that is your choice. The journey is going to happen regardless of how much you may want to avoid parts of it. There is no getting out of it. You have to go through it all to understand the grace that life offers you. It’s only through all of the varied experiences that you can truly know what it means to be human. We all know people who seem extremely resilient and able to deal with anything life throws their way. I believe that if you were to really look closely at these individuals you would find a lot of love and compassion. They have chosen to accept this life with all of its pain and glory and have most likely gained a wealth of wisdom along the way. They made the choice.

So, as you continue on this journey, know that there is an easier way. Accept what comes before you, ask yourself what is it that you need to learn, and move forward to your next adventure, rest assured that the love and compassion you bring to every situation will, in turn, follow you along the way.

Connie Briceno

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Connie is an educator who works with teachers in their instruction and relation/interactions with students, always with the goal of supporting others to find their higher selves. She is a lifelong yoga practitioner and meditator and enjoys daily walks in nature.