Like most of us know, treating a runny nose or a mild deviation due to cold is a painless and easy procedure. However, others are not as lucky, and experience more serious medical problems with their nasal cavity and their sinuses. Fortunately, medical science has made leaps in recent years, and sinus surgery is now considered a minor surgical intervention. So, if you are facing daily pains or shortness of breath due to your inability to breathe through your nose, sinus surgery is a great solution, that might be beneficial for other aspects of your life, as well.


The main benefit of sinus surgery is the discharge of your nasal cavity. During the procedure, surgeons will drain the excess mucus caused by past colds, sinusitis (inflammation of the nasal cavity) or chronic sinus infections. Although there are non-surgical and natural remedies for sinus drainage, none are as efficient as surgery, since in some cases the accumulation process can last up to ten years. Patients who underwent sinus surgery later attested to breathing better, sleeping without snoring and encountering less pneumonic illnesses during the latter part of their life.


The treatment of patients suffering from long-term nasal inflammation or infection is always accompanied by antibiotics. However, patients who have participated in sinus surgery, and encountered a similar ailment later on, reacted better to medication. This is the result of open nasal pathways and their ability to administer prescription drugs more efficiently, since most nasal medicine is based on sprays, rinses and nebulized antibiotics. The medication is able to reach the entire inner-lining of the nose to effectively stop the infection or inflammation from spreading, and ensure that the patients are treated in the shortest amount of time.


Sinus pain can also cause headaches and chronic migraines. In some cases, patients attested to being rendered physically impaired, unable to complete daily tasks, and unable to concentrate on anything else but the pain they experience. However, after having a sinus surgery, patients have been known to feel relieved of the pain in their head. This is the result of cleared nasal pathways and the sinus cavity, which allows better intake of oxygen. An increase in oxygen supply to the brain relieves pressure on the brain, and the pain recedes.


Another medical problem most people are unaware of is nasal septum deviation. This physical disorder is caused by a displacement of the nasal septum or the cartilage which separates one nasal cavity from the other. In severe cases, patients who suffer from this type of deviation encounter breathing problems throughout the day. In those cases, sinus surgery medical professionals are the only solution to nasal septum deviation. They are surgically able to straighten the cartilage and relieve patients of any breathing anomalies, freeing up the nasal cavity thus enabling the free flow of air.


Even though most patients who put themselves through this procedure suffer from severe medical problems, sinus surgery is recommended even in the mildest cases, since it has the ability to improve the overall life quality. A study conducted on patients found that post-surgery patients had a better breathing cycle, increased lung capacity, improved physical endurance, and a better immune system. Additionally, they also attested to having better concentration and experienced better sleep quality. Ultimately, this change was felt by the people around them, who deemed them more productive, less anxious, with a positive outlook on life.

Medicine has made immeasurable advancements over the last few decades, turning nasal and sinus surgery into a painless and risk-free procedure. However, any form of surgery is still an intimidating task. Yet, after taking all the long-term health benefits into consideration, a brave leap of faith can lead to a healthier life, which is always something to look forward to.

Diana Smith,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.


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