living-a-lie-when-self-interest-trumps-truthIt is an eye opening occasion to see good people choose self-interest over truth.

We are not discussing enlightened self-interest here. Enlightenment has not entered the picture when one steers away from the truth in order to avoid its consequences. The trouble that arises as a consequence of truth is, in fact, NO trouble at all. It may be inconvenient and it may be painful but that is only because you have been avoiding the truth all along. The truth only becomes trouble when it is NOT acknowledged at every turn!

The ripples from NOT creating waves by avoiding the truth are far more destructive than the wave of truth could ever be.

Avoiding the truth is a habit, much like the habit of avoiding that which, at one time, you could not turn away from. It is a slow burn until the truth is a distant and disturbing memory which you are no longer willing to face. Much like a painful relationship which appears easier to discard as opposed to facing the truths that it may reveal about you and your fragile ego.

Something that appears to give good people justification for avoiding the truth in lieu of their own self-interest is the method in which the truth is delivered. History proves that good men will sub-consciously allow themselves to abandon the truth if it is at odds with their own personal self-interest and has been delivered in an unpleasing way…

…Crucifying the messenger rather than accepting the truth that is being delivered.

The truth is highly unpopular and many times must be delivered in a very serious and forthright way. This would not be necessary if those who are avoiding the truth had not allowed it to drift away from them in the first place.

Those who avoid truth to benefit themselves are not necessarily bad people. They are just blinded by the notion that being hurt by the truth is somehow more painful than addressing it. This can only be learned through social programming and is NOT an organic state of being. It is learned through our witnessing of a world proliferated by the fear of truth. A world in which appearances are a far more pleasing elixir than that of actuality.

Appearances are deceivingly easy to keep up. Many times we don’t know anything about those closest to us because not only have they become masters of deception but also because we are too focused on ourselves and our own problems to see what is actually going on with someone else.

To see someone avoiding the truth is to see a mirage of happiness that is propped up on a deception of the mind. Seeing through this exposes the depth of pain in the eyes of the deceiver and mirrors the deception that is possible within your-self.

Many times those that stand on truth, at all cost, are alone and isolated by a world that finds its perpetual state of avoidance more pleasing. But this is NO reason to forego the truth.

Although the evolution towards enlightenment is immediate, it is also never-ending. This is why living in truth requires patience and practice and is not immediately personally rewarding. Living in truth, much like living a lie requires a habit. However, this habit is a recurring pattern of behaviour that exposes a better way of living.

The recurring pattern of behaviour that you choose will make the difference between you either

becoming Mohandas Gandhi or Charles Manson…


PS: If you don’t like that last line, don’t crucify the messenger!

John Masters,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio –  My name is John Masters. I am self employed and have lived in Atlanta, GA for my entire adult life. I believe that thought CAN NOT fix the problems that thought has created so I started the blog WAKING UP IS FREE in order to set myself and others free from obsessive thinking that leads to psychological disorder.