physiotherapy-products-you-can-buyWHAT IS PHYSIOTHERAPY

Physiotherapy helps a person to recover from many problems, diseases, injury or other deformities arising. It is a treatment – mostly exercise of sorts, but not just that. That means, no external medicines are provided to the patient, rather the whole treatment depends on  massages, exercises and other techniques such as heat treatments.

Other than the problems mentioned above physiotherapy can be employed to treat problems of the heart, chest, lungs, brain and nervous system.


Naturally, if you get yourself injured or start experiencing discomfort due to any reason you should seek an appointment from an expert.

If an injury takes longer than usual to heal, it’s time to seek medical help. If the injury is prolonged for more than 2 weeks’ time, it’s better to visit your physio and start with the process. If help is not sought and the injury or the discomfort is ignored, the problem may aggravate and lead to more problems.


To help with the physiotherapy treatment various products are designed for the recovery of patient’s health. These products are easily available online and can be bought for personal use.

  • Pedo cycle: The pedo cycle is specially designed for the activity of leg and muscle movement. This physiotherapy product can help repair the problems in legs and joints. Constant exercising by this cycle will bring benefits.
  • Arm and chest exerciser: Similar to pedo cycle, the arm, and chest exerciser is designed for the movement of arms, chest, shoulders and elbows. Pain or soreness in these problem areas can be relieved by its regular use.
  • Ankle rotator: If the injury is in the foot and the person has problems moving their ankle, then this is the right product for them. The patient will place their foot on the stand and will manually or automatically rotate the ankle area.
  • Foot/pedal exerciser: Similar to the pedo cycle, the foot exerciser is also designed for the movement and exercise of the legs. The tension of this exercise can be controlled manually and helps to gain maximum benefit out of this. This is ideal for patients who cannot sit on a regular cycle and proceed with the pedalling movement of the cycle.
  • Foam rollers: This helps to reduce the soreness of the muscles. These rollers help you to massage your problem areas and reduce pain. Can be used for stretching, posture improvement and overall balance improvement.

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