correct-wheelchair-pressure-relief-cushions-for-pain-free-lifeWheelchair pressure relief cushions are of various types and serve various purposes. They are made from various materials. Choice of these cushions depends on a person’s physical requirement, day to day regular life activities and method of transportation. But the prime focus is on why the cushions are required. Anyone using a wheelchair may use a cushion for additional comfort but pressure relief cushions do more than that. People with skin issues may use these cushions to meet their serious needs. These cushions also ensure proper posture and position which helps to live a pain free life.


  • Living a wheelchair bound life pressurises patient’s body. The parts which are under pressure are highly deprived of oxygen and blood circulation. This problem increases if the patient has sensitive skin. When the body is pressurised more than a certain limit bed sore or ulcer starts developing. The wheelchair pressure relief cushions are tested and come with the approval of the SADMERC which ensures that it is approved by federal government.

  • The cushions are made with gel or superior quality foam and made by popular air dry methods. Fluid gels are often used for pressure relieving. These are heavy substances and add weight to attached wheelchair. To ease out the problem and to make the total cushion lighter, supreme quality foam is added to the base of these cushions. These cushions are very low maintenance cushions. Though, if ruptured, the gel or fluid can leak out. However, the good quality and little pricey wheelchair pressure relief cushions come with replaceable gel or fluid packs. The quality of fluid depends on the amount of money invested on it. A cushion may last for 3-5 years depending on the quality of the cushion.

  • These cushions are specially designed for relieving pressure from different parts of the body and also to regulate continuous blood flow. Wheelchair pressure relief cushions can provide relief from low to medium level of sores. Some pressure relief cushions are specially designed so that continuous air flow may help in pressure reduction and keep the body in a much comfortable position to ensure freshness. These cushions are specially designed for old people who suffer from sensitive and aging skin, and also for those who live a completely immobile and chair bound life.


  • The foam material permits air circulation, vapour and is stretchable too.

  • The top side of wheelchair pressure relief cushions allow pressure reduction and hence the patient, relieved from all sort of pressure, feels highly comfortable.

  • With the help of these cushions the chances of sores or ulcer formation on the skin is greatly reduced.

  • The cushions come with cross linking channel design which helps to raise the airflow and lower the moisture content. This ensures a comfortable contact with the skin. The skin remains fresh and healthy.

  • No itchiness or discomfort felt to even sensitive or ageing skin.

  • These are fire and water-resistant cushions with cent percent anti bacterial properties.

  • These cushions are strong, lightweight and stable. Perfect choice for overweight wheelchair bound people.

  • These cushions come in zip lock covers that are removable and washable. Hence these are easy to use, clean and maintain.

The wheelchair pressure relief cushions ensure even distribution of body weight on the surface. This simply means these redistribute all sort of pressures from pressurised areas. These cushions are soft and supple and provide best possible pressure relief. If you look at its numerous benefits you will be satisfied about its price ranges.

 These are a few essential aspects you should know more about best wheelchair pressure relief cushions for a pain free life. Keep in touch, get more information!

Justin Jersey,

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